NiGHTS on Wii is real, no joke

Game|Life confirms what many of you may have already known, but I remained skeptical about until today (April 2): NiGHTS returns as a Wii-exclusive title sometime “this winter.”

Official word from Sega early this morning is that the Wii-exclusive sequel to 1996’s Nights Into Dreams will be titled Nights: Journey of Dreams, and be released “this winter.” That’s the Japan date, but Sega tends to ship games like this nearly simultaneously, so we can keep our fingers crossed for a Holiday ’07 date.

No real information in the Japanese articles other than some recapping of the first game’s play mechanics (flying about doing loop-the-loops in the sky) and plot info (the dream kingdom of Nightopia is once again under siege by evil monsters).

Here’s rooting for Sega, as the success of this title will not only give them a boost, it will also entice other developers to create some Wii-exclusive titles of their own.