NGC respond to Nintendo’s Zelda denial

Is Zelda playable on the Revolution’s controller or not? First NGC claims it is according to a senior official at Nintendo. Mario & Co. then non-deny the statement saying it’s just speculation. Now NGC contends: “The news came from somebody senior at Nintendo who, admittedly, probably shouldn’t have let it slip before E3. But they did, and we would have been crazy not to print it.”

Whatever is going on, we should know very soon. But honestly, how many top-level officials let things slip? It’s there job not to let things slip.

[Thanks, Carmine; Source: Press Start]


  1. This one’s getting good 😀

    I’m really hoping it is playable with the Revo controller. I think that would make a great game better.

    Only time will tell…

  2. Yeah, and Miyamoto was in on the “Nintendo ON” video.

    Please, let’s stop the crappy fanboy wishful thinking/denial.

    Yes Nintendo’s under heavy non-disclosure agreements to gain an advantage over its competitors i.e. the Blue Water Strategy

    Yes, Nintendo’s ideas to change the video game industry are bohemian at best which would mean they more than anyone else are striving to ELIMINATE the border between the gamer and the game itself.

    However, let’s not have people trying to outguess Nintendo’s motives. If they can’t disclose information, they simply note they won’t comment on the validity of the statement. I HIGHLY doubt one such as Miyamoto would LIE about not seeing Nintendo ON or that the company would lie about TP not including Revolution controller support.

    Heck, I’m not saying TP won’t include support for the remote but at the same time I have doubts that the Revolution can magically retrofit the controller to GameCube games let alone have code on the GameCube disc futureproofed for Revolution. If it can be done though, I’d like to see it.

    I mean if it happens this will be the 2nd Zelda game to be futureproofed. The Oracle games being the first…

  3. compatibility with the revmote should be fishing, lasso throwing and other mini games off course, duh. ww has also a compatibility with the gba, but the game is definetly not useless without.

  4. Anyone think that one of the ‘senior’ staff could be gone right now… Could have been Mr. Merrick… Hmmm…

  5. I agree, it is very important to note that Nintendo never denied the rumor, only pointed it out as a rumor.

    But I really don’t like the comment about letting it “slip before E3.” Goodness gracious, I hope this game is out by E3 … not so far away that we’re still waiting for information on it!

  6. Nintendo usually never comments on rumours

  7. But I really don’t like the comment about letting it “slip before E3.” Goodness gracious, I hope this game is out by E3 … not so far away that we’re still waiting for information on it!

    @cvh: Just to continue the speculation game, Nintendo’s plan might be to release TP on Gamecube without revealing the freestyle functionality. After all, they’d hate to see TP sit on shelves while gamers waited to play “the real thing” on Revolution. An E3 announcement would then help hype the new system.

    It’s a bit far-fetched, but it’s a better reason to keep a secret than Nintendo’s usual policy of constant mystery.

  8. Most big companies never comment on rumours. Most of em say ” its just speculation “.They never say a word because saying it will reveal a bit of their product, and they dont want that. They want to show the product whenever they want.

    Think about it and see how they haven done it in the past. Also if you want to calm down read all the rumours prior the revmote. No one came close.


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