Japan’s newest summer holiday

dsslide.jpgIn Japan, summer is the season for outdoor festivals, but this this year August second is unofficially new DS accessory day. Not only is the DS camera being released with face training or Facening, but also “Slide Adventure Magkid,” a game that uses the new DS slide controller, will be released.
Magkid, like Facening uses an accessory that is plugged into the DS’s GBA slot that you put on a flat surface and roll in order to control the in-game magnet character. Though Nintendo’s official Japanese site touts the game as a “slide action” title, the game play looks like a cross between Kirby, Chibi Robo, and Katamari Damashii. Unlike the DS camera, a DS lite is not required to use the slide controller, but like the camera, the accessory’s long term potential is still a mystery. It’s hard to imagine too many games being released to take advantage of these specialized accessories (especially in the US), but personally, I think both would make great Warioware games.