Next Zelda more “vast and realistic” than Twilight Princess, says director


Link_ZeldaTwilightLike Zelda: Twilight Princess? Then you’re gonna love the upcoming Wii sequel, suggests director Eiji Aonuma.

“With Twilight Princess, we challenged ourselves to create the most vast and realistic world the series had ever seen, but we didn’t feel that we were able to fully complete this objective,” Aonuma told IGN, adding that the focus on expansive overworlds and realism will serve as “a starting point for our improvements to the series.”

Nintendo is expected to detail the next Zelda in June at E3. Little is known about the game thus far, although it will use Wii Motion Plus and depart from the traditional flow of previous games.


  1. EXCELLENT. The absurdities of the TP took me out of the experience and clashed with parts of realism.

    (A chicken flying game by the lake while a giant war rages? Shouldn’t those chickens have been eaten by Moblins by now? I know it’s Zelda tradition to fly chickens, but either go realistic or absurd- mixing the two feels unbalanced.)

    Also, I’d like to see the story tie together with the actions more. The part where you ride out into Hyrule field for the first time on a mission to rescue that kid was GREAT. But then I wander around Hyrule and there’s always 1 orc outside the castle gate. Not even an orc scout party. Can’t a few soldiers just walk outside and hand him his head, thus making Hyrule that much more secure? The always-there type encounter was at odds with the story driving the action.

    And finally let’s get new puzzles. I flew through the dungeons until I got bored because I felt like I was playing OOT again, then I stopped and sold the game.

    For me, Jade Empire is a great game of story and realism and presentation and cohesiveness. Nintendo should, no, NEEDS TO move its Zelda storytelling techniques forward, for the first time since 1998.

  2. I think I’ll wait for E3 before I get too hyped for this.

  3. Vast sounds cool if they go open world, but realistic doesn’t particularly. I’d like to see an open world Zelda with no “loading” from section to section.

    Heck, I’d like to see a 3D Mario game (or mario-type game) done the same way.

  4. AWWWWWWW. To me, TP was a vast step down from WW. I like the cartoonyness and especially the bright, vibrant colors. Toony versus realistic is a personal opinon thing. Except that now in games, “realistic looking” almost universally includes “dull, washed out earth-tones”. And for some reason, overly bloomlit. Which is definitely a bad thing. I don’t deny that the graphics in TP looked good. But good as viewed through a used coffee filter. Can’t we have more realistic looking [i]without[/i] muddying it up?

  5. Huh. No italics allowed, eh?

  6. “I think I’ll wait for E3 before I get too hyped for this.”


    Wake me up in 5 or 6 months when we actually HAVE any real new info, screenshots or media of this upcoming mega title, thanks.

  7. Vast isn’t necessarily good. Vast can mean boring and empty. The reason OOT was so good was because the world was PACKED with things to do and explore. It was large at the time but it made the most of every space. Contrast that with Wind Waker, where I aimed my boat at an island and did something else while it took 5 minutes to arrive. Nothing in between. Waste of time. Large doesn’t really impress me.

  8. Windwaker was vast, but had areas of high density action in towns and rewarded exploration.

    TP was vast, but it was an empty and hallow as an overworld. There were too few endearing characters.

  9. Shit.

  10. i like vast. wind waker was vast and i enjoyed every minute of it. i never felt bored and enjoyed the search for treasure, traders, heart pieces, triforce shards, etc. i’m playing it again trying to complete it with 100%. if they follow the look of twilight (which i like wind waker too) and the feel of wind waker’s exploration then they’ve probably got something pretty good on their hands, but then again i’m a bias zelda whore.

  11. Hmm…I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, but I’m skeptical.

    Want to get me excited? Give me a new 2D Zelda run by Miyamoto instead of Aonuma. Or another collaboration with Capcom.

  12. MAN! A new Zelda! I can’t wait. I love OOT and WW and TWP.

  13. The more I hear, the more excited I get. Im gonna wet my pants. Im buying this hype machine early.

  14. Thank god they aren’t going cel-shaded again.

  15. lets forget about it for a while since its not due for i guess at least another year and i don’t what infendo to go crazy over it like it did when brawl was about to come out