Next Big(little) DS Title: Kurikin Nano Island Story

Two days ago Nintendo’s Japanese website for the new DS game “Kurikin Nano Island Story” went live. There’s also a typical minimalist commercial for the game viewable on Here’s a basic translation:
DS Dingkurikin-copy.jpg
“What do you think this is?”
“These are “Kin.””
“and the Kin are fighting.”
Guy Blowing
“Now they’re scattered.”
“and have grown in numbers.”
“Nintendo DS. Kurikin.”
So apparently the game is kinda’ sorta’ similar to Pokémon except your creatures are much much smaller and you battle with hundreds of them at a time. The game is released in Japan on the 21st of next month and if the sales numbers for the latest Pokémon are any indicator this game will do smashingly.