New Year, New Infendo Radio

New Year, New Infendo Radio

Happy New Year to all my favorite Infriendos! That’s right, I’m talking to you. Here we are, on the 9th of January (or the 10th, if you’re one of those crazy East Coasters), and I wanted to take a moment and address all of you on some upcoming changes.

The Big Announcemnts

First and foremost, I want to take a moment to thank Matt Desind and Holly Fellmeth of the Nintendo Fever Podcast. A couple of weeks ago, they announced that, due to life, they would need to step away from the show. It is with much gratitude that they were willing to come back and work with us at all, that I send them on their way with nothing but the best wishes for their future. They are part of the Infendo Family, and boy, do we have a big one for all the years around.

Now, on to the reason I wanted to take a minute and address you all. We at Infendo Radio, want to make sure that you the listener are happy with the product we are delivering to your ear holes. It is with that in mind, that we have decided to…change the system a bit. Don’t worry. None of us are going anywhere. And yes, we’re still doing Nintentunes. Just not ever single week. What we’ve decided to try, some of you voted on back in December. But, let’s start with what we’ve already done.

Recent Episodes of Infendo Radio

On Episode 474, recorded January 2nd, we did our Infendo Game of the Year Special. We didn’t do it the same way most sites did, though. We put the Infendo twist on it. We did our personal game of the year in specific categories. Wanna know what we picked? I considered making a summary of those for the website. But, then I decided I’d rather have you listen to the show! Check it out today on your favorite podcast service.

On Episode 475, recorded just hours before this article was written, we took all our pending reviews, and turned them into a surprisingly dynamic round-table discussion. We each covered 3 games, ranging in price from $40 all the way down to $3.50. We followed that up with a very lively question block discussion, and the most engaging change the system in recent memory. Tons of fun!

New On Patreon

Tonight, a new Everybody Votes post went up. We decided it would be fun to change up the post for the first show of February (recording live here on February 6th at 7PM MST). Interested in seeing what happens when Lukas, Steve, or Justin hosts an entire episode of Infendo Radio? It’s going to be chaos no matter who the “winner” is. Head over here to Patreon to cast your vote today. Voting closes at Midnight on January 31st, so don’t wait till the end of the month. Also, we love our Patrons. Make sure you pledge for as little as $1.00 a month. Every dollar helps make this show better, and for only $1.00, we’ll personally thank you for your patronage on the last show of the month.

How To Keep Up

With all these awesome changes, you may be wondering “How do I know what is coming up when?” Well, I’ve taken care of that for you too! The official Google Calendar of Infendo Radio can be found here. Do you have a hard time converting your time zone to Infendo Standard Time because you live across the pond? Maybe you live in Central Standard Time, and can’t remember the official time of Infendo Radio. Let Google do the work for you. Subscribe to the calendar here and it will adapt to your native time zone.  If you click on an episode of the podcast and look at the notes, it will give you a basic breakdown of what we have planned. You will know what is planned because the episode will have a number behind it. Be aware, if the big N makes any announcements that we find newsworthy, we may just throw in a last minute “Breaking News” segment at the top of the show. Disclaimer: Breaking news may take the place of the round-table segment at the top of the show. Not always though. Also, if you’re on Android, make sure you have the calendar set to automatically update in the background, or you may not have the latest and greatest.

Ever listened to the live show? We record every Wednesday at 7pm MST over at You can be a part of the madness, and see what happens behind the scenes. While you’re there, don’t forget to hit that heart button, and sign up for notifications. There may be more content coming in the future besides the weekly show. But you’ll only find out if you’re subscribed to the feed and signed up for notifications. 

Just Like You, We’re Listening

Without you, the listeners, we would be wasting our time doing a podcast. Because of that, we want to make sure your voices are heard. If there is something you want to hear on the show, please reach out to us directly. This can be done a variety of ways. We can be found on Twitter @infendo. Feel free to DM us, or hit us up publicly. We are always watching. If you want to be more discreet, you can also e-mail us at All four of us have access to this e-mail, and we check it daily. You can also leave a review (preferably five stars) on iTunes. We take all these reviews seriously and into consideration. Not only do we see that feedback, we discuss it weekly post show, and it helps our visibility there. Even if you don’t have an iPhone, you can leave a review on iTunes.

Steve Joined Infendo in March of 2017 on Episode 383 Hyrule Come Back. He is a lifelong gamer, with his earliest memories of games being from the NES. Such favorites of his are Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Little Nemo Dream Master, Monster Party, and Duck Tales. He has grown up playing primarily on Nintendo Platforms, but occasionally getting Playstation Consoles late into their life cycles. His all time favorite games include Link's Awakening, the Donkey Kong Country Trilogy, Pokemon Mainline games, and Minecraft. If you would like to friend him on Switch, please go to his Twitter page, where he has a pinned Tweet with all his gaming information.