New Smash Bros. Brawl Character Bios, Screenshots Revealed

Smash Bros. Dojo, the official website for the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Brawl, has just posted brief character biographies and a few new screenshots for each of Nintendo’s four as-of-yet confirmed mascots joining the Smash Bros. roster this round. Aside from satiating your appetite for all things SSB, the biographies shed some light on the fighting styles of some of the fresh characters, while the new screenshots lend themselves to more speculation regarding the brand new stages (and the secret characters that may accompany them). For instance, Wario’s bio hints that his fighting prowess will be influenced by the frenetic WarioWare games, while the descriptors for both Pit and Samus suggest the ability to convert your primary weapon from ballistic to melee at will. As for the stages, the first to be officially confirmed is the Halberd, Meta Knight’s flying fortress, though it’s probably safe to assume that the stage with all the ruinous Hellenic architecture is of the Kid Icarus persuasion. However, the origins of the imposing medieval castle (pictured above, accompanied by the lovely Vanna White) remain ambiguous. Any thoughts?

At the moment, the only other character awaiting a proper introduction is none other than the man himself, Solid Snake. It should be interesting to see just how Masahiro Sakurai incorporates gritty Metal Gear-style stealth action into a cartoony fighting game. Potentially more interesting, though, is imagining how Kirby will look with a mullet. What other secret characters could possibly be in the works? This gamer, for one, is still holding out for Paper Mario and Fierce Deity Link. Until launch day, though, we’ll have to be content just considering the possibilities.

[Thanks, Axem Red]