Cooking Mama DS

Why wait for a cooking sim on the Revolution when you can get your fix now with the DS. Taito released these screenshots for their upcoming DS title, Cooking Mama.

I find the idea for this game both bizarre and intriguing. Also, I wonder if there will be a real world tie-in. Maybe once you cook something on your DS, you get a real world recipe. All this is just speculation, but I’m psyched.

[Source: 4 color rebellion]


  1. i’d totally play that

  2. I read that the recipes are real, using real traditional Asian ingredients.


  3. Now if they find a way for real food to come out I’m sold. Yummy!!

  4. ebi furai!

  5. That’s frickin sweet. I’m so burnt out on the same games… Cooking on a DS sounds awesome. I already use the kitchen timer from Wario Ware Touched around the house… why not take it a step further?

  6. can’t wait for the Mexican edition. I’ll finally learn to cook huevos rancheros. can someone make some smell-o-vision addon for the DS?

  7. Something tells me it won’t be released in English due to the cultural gap in food 🙁 Which is a shame…

    I’ll still buy it though to scrub up on my Japanese skills and I really don’t think it will be a real issue because of basic words and lots of images. Should still be western friendly to an extent.

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