No I Don’t Have any Rock CDs! Stop Asking

According to this Kotaku post, Japanese news site Mainichi has reported that Nintendo has stopped airing their DS Lite advertisements because they are creating too much consumer fervor to handle. The DS Lites sold out so quickly that Nintendo pulled the ads in order to dull the current mad rush to obtain a DS Lite system. The two new colors are supposed to debut tomorrow so we’ll see if they start advertising again once people stop lining up to get the systems.


  1. Im still waiting for the sales figures for the crystal version, what to see some PSPWNAGE!!!!

  2. I can see the logic here.
    “Damnit! We’re getting too much business! We’re making more money than we can handle! Stop airing the commercials!
    Unless the local government are putting pressure on them or something.

  3. Careful reading would have told you that they stopped airing the commercials because they simply cannot meet with consumer demand. There aren’t enough DS Lites to go around, so instead of stirring people up to go nuts over a soldout system and having to issue yet another public apology, Nintendo decided to stop airing ads. IMO, it’s all a brilliant advert ploy. Nothing drives home against competitors better than, “We sell so many systems, we have to beat customers away with a stick.”

  4. Looks like it sold out again. Although not as many were available as the Crystal White. Although still some places had 1000+ waiting in line.

  5. It’s not so much that they’re actually pulling all their adverts. It’s more that they’re changing how they advertise. For example, the advertisments on the Tokyo subway which are just letters to the public from Nintendo apologising for the DS shortage. That kind of advertisment is as attention getting or more than its ones to date.

  6. Good grief! Everyday Nintendo looks more and more like Apple! They would appear to have under-estimated (accidentally or on purpose I’ll leave up to you) demand and now they’re selling like hot cakes! Well…. ok to be honest that isn’t really much of a comparison since all good products get sold out from under-estimate. But you sorta get what I mean right?

    *thumbleweed rolls by*

    I’ll get my coat… 🙁

  7. They where just playing it safe. Busting out a million DS Lites and only selling 2,000 could KILL a company. Nintendo is selling a macine that plays the same games as another machine they have already sold millions of.

    You can’t see the demand until it’s luanched. Now they see it and will make a kazillion of them.

    It’s not as big of a leap from GBA to GBA SP…but i’ll be damned if I don’t get one.

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