New Screenshots

Good ‘ol GamePro has posted some new screens of the following GC games. Check them out:

I think Mario Strikers, as all other Mario sports games, should be pretty entertaining. Not too sure about Kirby though, but alas, the pink round ball never really had my support.


  1. Can’t waint for Mario Strikers!

    On Kirby, I can’t say I’ve played any Kirby games I’ve liked since Kirby’s Dream Land and Kirby’s Pinball Land on the GB.

  2. Mario Strikers looks fantastic. Nintendo is really turning the GC into a party machine 😀

    I personally always liked Kirby. I think he’s funny and kinda cool 😀
    Teh schots look cool, but the Kirby game I’m really looking forward to is for the DS 😉 I think about importing it, it got great reviews…:D

  3. Until just now, I wasn’t aware that a Kirby game was coming to the GCN. Wow.

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