Wii news to hit at 1 AM EST

Short post, but here’s a site that is liveblogging the conference. Simply hit refresh every few minutes to see the updates. Come back here to share your thoughts in the comment section.

UPDATE1: This is it so far: “10:20 AM: The press are all inside now. There’s a LOT of buzz in the air. If Nintendo don’t announce date and price today, I think the Internet may implode. Stay tuned and keep refreshing for our live blog coverage.”

UPDATE2: Go eat some Nintendo cereal, you have 20 mins: “10:35 AM: The conference is starting a little later than expected. Expect more updates in the next 20 minutes or so.”

UPDATE3: IWATA sighting: “10:38 AM: Conference has officially started! Iwata is here along with several other Nintendo big wigs from Japan. The speaker is introducing everyone. Iwata got up and took a bow.”

All of the above was false information. However, if you liked LAST YEARS Nintendo conference, then it was like a rerun.

I feel like part of my life is in limbo now. But, supposedly people are searching for the right feed. Stay tuned, or go to bed. No, go to bed. Yeah, sleep and wait for NYC tomorrow.

REAL UPDATE: If sleep isn’t in your cards, I suggest waiting until 1 AM EST, when it is now believed this conference is actually taking place. Sorry for the debacle Infendo, but it would appear as though every major Nintendo/video game site was duped tonight.