How lasting is third-party support on Wii?


Wii was largely written off after it was announced in 2005. As a result, game makers (with exception to Ubisoft) decided to put all their eggs in the PS3 and 360 basket. I’ll spare you the details, but after surpassing head start 360 sales in less than a year and putting the thump on the costly PS3, publishers are finally on board. But will they stay on board?

I ask because third-party sales have suffered more than they’ve succeeded over the last year. Either said efforts are sloppy (as we’ve seen), Wii owners aren’t that interested in non-Nintendo games, or a mix of both. Additionally, Wii’s low attach rate (purchased games/console) may have developers doubting their recent commitment as 360 owners buy more games on average.

If publishers continually get outsold by Nintendo-made substitutes (read: don’t make any money), you can bet the most widely purchased console may still end up with a lack of games.

That said, I believe compelling software will be rewarded, regardless of who makes it. Still this is one area Nintendo should be mindful of moving forward. You can never court too many third-party game makers.

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