New Nintendo UK Mag Scans

18 scans of the new official Nintendo UK mag feature are worth a thousand words. GoNintendo stuck Revolution gold on this one. What’s your favorite news tid-bit released from the images?


  1. The pictures have been taken down, per Nintendo request…

  2. Anyone cache the pics??

  3. why are there controller ports if they’re wireless?

    or is that a dumb question?

  4. Those ports are for the GC controllers. 🙂 Dumb question? No such thing. I’m sure many would ask that.

  5. Wavebird receivers are gonna look pretty awkward on there, if that fit at all with that flap coming up. Anyone think that we might see a “no external receiver” setup for our favorite controller?

  6. If the Wavebirds operate in the same fashion as the Rev’s controllers, we just might be able to trash the plug-in receiver. That would be bitchin. 😛

  7. i search for alternate links, someone know where to find a site to view the scans?

  8. Lots of non-Revoultion scans there. The relevant ones are 15 and 16, with the controller on 17.

  9. I’m sure they’ll be back up AFTER the magazine comes out so they can make money off of it.

    After all they want to make money…

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