New Nintendo DS game turns young magicians into ‘Masters Of Illusion’

masterofillusionscreeshot225.jpgIt’s a Modern Twist on Classic Magic Tricks

REDMOND, Wash., Nov. 27, 2007 ”“ You see here before you a video game. By all outward appearances, it’s a simple video game. Feel free to inspect it to confirm it is, in fact, of the standard video game variety. Note that I have nothing up my sleeve, nor do I have any confederates among the audience. Now allow me, if you will, to insert the game card into the Nintendo DSâ„¢ portable gaming system. With a few taps of the touch screen with my magic wand stylus ”¦ Voilà! Instantly you are transformed into a Master of Illusionâ„¢!

This remarkable new Nintendo product has the power to mystically change anyone into an eager apprentice magician with abilities sure to astound friends and family alike. A full repertoire of tricks awaits discovery and practice. Best of all, Master of Illusion comes with a deck of magic cards to get trainees started on the path to magic mastery.

Master of Illusion, rated E for Everyone, is yet another way the Nintendo DS transforms the notion of what constitutes a video game. Note: rabbit not included.