New Mario Party Ad

Eight Mario clones play the GameCube to promote the new Mario Party 7 release in Nippon. I like the look of it but it’s always hit or miss with Nintendo ads. It would be nice to see them hire a new ad agency come Revolution time.

[Source: Kotaku]


  1. Indeed it would.

  2. I just want that Damn Spice GCN HERE! i’m sick of Black and Silver over here…

  3. i guess its ok…just looks a little gay with one mario with his arm aroudn the other, they should haev showed it with some guys and girls playing it together, or a family

  4. With a Mario family, not only would it be gay- seeing as we only know of him and his bro- but it would become incestual.

    No ur right, that is better.

  5. Spice Cube!!!!

    I want it!

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