New Infendo Radio quotes Star Wars, dishes on Zelda, 3DS redesign, and scolds Nintendo


Derek and I discuss crusty games, Zelda expectations, GBA tips, 3DS redesign rumors, listener mailbag, and poll results. Enjoy the show, everyone!

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  1. I don’t get how you would call people who prefer the 3DS over iOS “gaming snobs” Its actually the other way round. I’ve seen people downplaying games like Nintendogs and going like Infinity blade is better because of the graphics. Plus the same gaming snobs who called the Wii a toy or whatever are playing their iOS devices and downplaying the 3DS. The perfect example is most IGN editors. They called the Wii stupid or whatever and now they’re saying the 3DS is pointless and iOS is better. Listen to the Gamescoop podcasts if you want proof.

  2. @Abdulla I think they meant that “gaming snobs” are the people who refuse to acknowledge iOS as a credible gaming platform whatsoever (or the Wii, 3DS, etc.), rather than preferring one device over another. However an individual may feel about the quality of games on iOS it is stupid to comment that it is not a gaming platform at all because they aren’t “real games.”

    I game on my iPhone and on my 3DS, and while the experiences are quite different the fact remains they are still *games*, and therefore both devices in my mind can be considered gaming devices.

  3. lousy radio this week guys

  4. Hey guys, great podcast!
    I’m really excited for Skyward Sword, because I think that it’ll shake things up for the series. Dungeons and the over world are supposed to be more intertwined in this one, and it’s reported that you’ll be re-visiting dungeons during the course of the game. Some people say that you’ll be able to upgrade your items, which sounds pretty cool as well.

  5. For me, it’s not so much the lack of originality in games, I do like mah Zelda’s with separate dungeons and such, mhm, but the actual rereleases.

    It’s fun at first, but it seems that the only things we are getting are 3D remakes, virtual console games, and 3D classics.

    You can’t sustain a system on that 🙁

  6. I agree the 3DS needs more great original content to survive.

    I am, however, very excited about Starfox 64 3D. This is one of the best games Nintendo’s ever created, and I’m all in favor of updating a classic like this, especially considering there are a lot of 3DS owners who’ve never played the original–Same situation as Ocarina.

    It simply looks a bit sad because there are/were no great original games being released between Ocarina and Starfox.

    Honestly, I do love my 3DS for what it can do and its amazing potential, but I never dreamed the software situation would be as slim as it is right now. Seriously, didn’t they see this coming?

  7. Thanks for the cas-core shout out guys even if you did misread my name. LOL.

  8. We need Scott back I promise.

  9. Great show, guys… I think you nailed it on the issue of no original games on the 3DS.

    One of the problems with the new 3DS system is that its games seem to be targeting customers who either never played one of this games or have a strong sentiment of nostalgia and want to play them again in a new graphics engine.

    But, most importantly, and like I mentioned before, the 3DS’s biggest competitor is the DS, which has not only already a version of these games (albeit without the 3D effect), but an overwhelming list of better and original games, all at bargain prices now compared to the new $40 price tag of the new 3DS games! Even at $170, what’s our motivation to buy a new handheld system if most of us already have a DS? Nintendo is a victim here of its own success…