New Game Get – Nintendo releases for the week ending December 6th

Despite Black Friday being behind us, the new games just keep on coming.  Looks like Animal Boxing got pushed back a week.  Prince of Persia for DS looks like it might be fun and the two Mushroom Men games for DS and Wii have been getting a lot of buzz.

Head in past the break for the full list!

Emma at the Farm
Animal Boxing
Dreamer: Puppy Trainer
Happy Cooking
Mushroom Men: Rise of the Fungi
My Fun Facts Coach
Prince of Persia: The Fallen King
Slingo Quest
The Tale of Despereaux
M&Ms Adventure

Cate West: The Vanishing Files
Family Party: 30 Great Games
Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars
My Fitness Coach
Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek
The Tale of Despereaux
M&Ms Adventure