New DS/MarioKart Bundle

DS Advanced is reporting that Nintendo is set to bring the Red DS, which was bundled with Jump Superstars in Japan, to the US this November. And it’s to be bundled with Mario Kart DS! Better yet, the bundle will retail for the same price as the Nintendogs bundle: $149.99 and will be available starting November 7th.

I’m sure many of those hardcore gamers that have yet to buy DS will be easily convinced to do so with this incredible offer. Are you one of them?

[by Rollin, Source: DSA]


  1. this is a few days old, i announced it on my blog last thursday, but nevertheless…it is a great bundle and i cant wait to get my hands on the red one. i was so jealous of japan for that.

  2. *needs DS with MK (not mortal ckombat you silly!)*

    so poor!

    anyone have spare monies?

  3. I still want a second DS…but my gf would kill me for buying a game system I already have, jsut in a different color :/ Though Mario Kart red should be a really nice color 😀

  4. Thursday, eh? Well they sed “breaking news” so i hadn’t a clue. I’ll try to be faster!

  5. Where’s the ceramic white DS stateside? Then you may have me, but for now it’s just the game that interests me. The Japanese have it made when it comes to alternate system casings… Famicom Micro anyone?

  6. red??
    whers the black? i would import it but im so friggin poor.

    for once just realse all the colors everywhere!

  7. I think this is pretty cool, actually. DS isn’t even a year old and it’s gonna have it’s 4th color already. Things are definitely getting better.

  8. I would buy a black DS, that’s about it. If that came out I would consider buying a second one. But then again a GBA micro would probably make more sense.

  9. Cool. I might get one if i can find a buyer for my DS.

  10. i didnt find the info from the same place you did
    i actually left it as a comment on one of your posts on friday

  11. I can’t wait. I just returned my Micro (which made my hands cramp like crazy, dangit) and the money will go toward the Mario Kart DS bundle. Mario Kart is still my favorite SNES game and I’ve never played Mario Kart 64.

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