NES band with skills

The below metroid cover is off the hook. Listen to it courtesy of the San Franciso NES quartet with mega band skills. Very nice.

Metroid – Kraid’s Hideout mp3 (right click to save)
The Advantage Website


  1. Actually, you guys need to check out Metroid Metal (…quite possibly the greatest cover of NES music ever made, I guarantee it.

  2. I heard Metroid Metal for the first time back in 2003. Whoever does that is the man. Seriously.

  3. I didn’t think that cover was too great, and their website is pretty poor.

    I prefer the Minibosses.
    Here’s their cover of that song:

  4. A friend just sent this, but over at Google Video…well…just go look:

    Acapella Nintendo Themes

    Includes Mario, Zelda, Tetris and more.

  5. The Advantage are a bunch of experienced Indie scenesters from what I understand. A friend of mine saw one of their other acts which is a 2 man synth rock thing that’s also Nintendo influenced. The Advantage’s big thing is that they try to play the songs closer to the originals but with nothing more than guitar, bass and drums I think. I give them credit for playing songs from some of the excellent yet not as often remembered games like Goonies and Ducktales. Their album is worth a listen if you’re an 8 bit Nintendo fan.

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