Mushroom Men feels good, review due soon

Closing up shop for the holidays, Mushroom Men couldn’t have come across my desk at a worse time.

I received review copies just before the holiday break from the good people at Red Fly Studio, but today was my first play session. I popped in the Wii version for a taste of the serving to come this weekend.

As I wrote in July, Mushroom Men is a stylish throwback, a heterogeneous revival of N64-era platforming driven by malodorous mushrooms with Star Wars-like telekinetic powers.

It feels like a classic Rare platformer, applicable to both the wonderful and tedious connotations that implies.

My preliminary play session today was, above all else, enjoyable. Also born were the quips of mixed commentary for which critiques exist, but suffice it to say Mushroom Men seems to fill a void on Wii:

It’s an enjoyable, traditional single-player adventure, a welcome release during a period in which the like have been relatively few.

Expect a review of the Wii version next week, with the DS to follow.