Motion-sensing “DS 2” in developer hands, won’t be ready for GDC

ds2_2Well, glad I held off on that DS Lite upgrade. Word is the next DS, an HD-packing, motion sensing beast of a portable, is already being tested by developers. So far, they like what they see:

“It’s genuinely the best thing I think I’ve ever worked with, I can tell you that it’s got a ’tilt’ function that’s not dissimilar to iPhone, but does a lot more. We know that The Pokemon Company are getting special attention with it.”

I’m not entirely surprised by the high praise. As the undisputed king of portables (OK, currently of all video game companies, you got me there), Nintendo faces one of the most difficult problems a company could ever have: Unseating itself. Will an HD upgrade and motion sensing be enough to do just that? Unsure. Let’s see some 1rst party software.

The only negative news we learned today is that the portable will not be ready in time for GDC. But E3? Bet on it. [Image: Gizmodo]