Mother 3 Translation updates with Patch 1.1


While visiting around the Mother 3 fan translation website I noticed that they actually updated their blog with some new information. apparently they have updated their translation patch to fix a few bugs and glitches…

The new patch fixes all known typos and most (though not all) of the bugs encountered in version 1.0. Save files from the 1.0 translation ARE compatible with the new patch, so no worries there. Save states from version 1.0 should probably work with version 1.1 most of the time, but there’s always a very slight possibility that one might go crazy. Regular saves are the way to go.

It’s nice to see that even after the release they are still working hard on perfecting their translation.

[via Mother3 Blog | patch here]
[There also is a free web version of the Mother 3 handbook here]

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