More thoughts about Mario Kart 7

Two weeks in, my enjoyment of Mario Kart 7 shows no sign of fading. The online races work so well, this title alone could keep my 3DS in action for the system’s lifespan, just as online racing in Mario Kart Wii kept that console humming through many software droughts.

Some random thoughts about the game have cropped up since the review:

We lost King Boo and Dry Bowser for Wiggler and Honey Queen? Yeeesh!

Next MK…I want Boo Mario and Toadsworth as playable characters.

Yoshi keeps yelling something that sounds like, “Pothole!!!”

Changing your Mii’s shirt color effects the in-game voice…but it’ll still sound like Yoshi’s cousin Bubba.

Online players who keep choosing Maka Wuhu just to ruin the race by exploiting the shortcut glitch are complete tools.

Take the alternate route just before the rotating barrel in Bowser’s Castle. Fun!

That long glide down from Rock Rock Mountain through the forest’Best flight moment in any game. Ever.

Koopa Cape Wii or Koopa Cape 3DS? I like ”˜em both’interesting variations!

Tracks that still give me trouble: Luigi’s Mansion and Daisy Cruiser

Blue Shells are my only hope of winning a race against Holly!

So, how are you all enjoying MK7? Have you found any particular details that make you smile…or pull your hair out? Please share!