Could there be a better crossover adventure mash-up than Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney? I don’t think so.

There may not be any English in the trailer, or much of anything that makes sense to me because I don’t speak the Japanese language, but that isn’t stopping me from getting excited about he upcoming  Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney trailer that has popped up from last weeks TGS. Developer Level-5 has yet to let me down yet, and I don’t expect them to do so with this 3DS title either.

The game will be a crossover between the Professor Layton and Ace Attorney universes, and seeing as how they are two of my favorite franchises on the Nintendo DS, I don’t see how it could go wrong. Well I can think of one way: so far there is no confirmed North American release which means that unless I become fluent in the Japanese language between now and the time game releases next year, I may be out of luck. Hopefully more info about the title will emerge soon, allowing all the English speakers among us in on the fun.

So far all that is know about the game is that it will feature elements from both series, and instead of courtroom trials, the game will have what is known as “Witch Trials.” The game will not take place in either the Professor Layton or Ace Attorney universe, but instead take players to a medieval town known as Labyrinth City that is home to witches and and evil villain know as the Story Teller.

Stay with Infendo as more details about the game emerge, and tell us if a game of this caliber has peeked your puzzle/courtroom interests.

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