Review: Biogenik battery – Less of a savior, more of a backup plan


Every battery has a life cycle. Even rechargeable batteries start to lose their charge over time, and, while they will continue to function, their power will diminish. While most products can be recharged approximately 500 times before they begin to diminish, others will begin so slowly charge less and less, coming to a complete end at 500 charges.

One of the major complaints revolving around the Nintendo 3DS is its battery life. Far shorter than any other handheld Nintendo has released, the 3DS’ battery has been a constant debate, filling internet forums with disappointment and frustration. There are measures to increase the life (turning WiFi, 3D and sound off, along with lowering brightness) but, even with these measures in place, the battery life is less than satisfying for some.

I recently stumbled across the Biogenik Replacement Battery. Promising a battery life of 10 hours, it intrigued me greatly. The replacement is a very simple process, the battery comes with the proper screwdriver to remove the back cover, and the battery simply slides out.

My first test run proved that the promise of 10 hours may have been a bit of an exaggeration. With WiFi on, 3D off, I was able to get about 4.5 hours of life out of a full charge. Certain games and programs deplete life faster, and I had done some eShopping, so this must be taken into account, overall I was somewhat disappointed, having envisioned at least 8 hours of life.

Where the replacement battery did impress me is the replacement backing it comes with. The original 3DS backing allows no access to the battery, whereas the Biogenik battery comes with a replacement backing with a quick release battery door. While the battery itself did not last long enough to be a completely satisfactory replacement, the quick release door affords me the ability to smoothly swap out my battery when it is getting low. Now, having my original battery, and my Biogenik battery, I can fully charge both and swap between them when necessary. While at home this process is somewhat pointless, I can pop my 3DS into the cradle whenever I want, the ability to swap batteries is fantastic when I am away from home, such as a long flight or car ride.

For some, the price point of $15 may not be worth it, but for others the ability to swap batteries so seamlessly is more than worth the money. The battery itself is no great problem solver, but if in a pinch will make for a pretty good backup plan.

Warning: Replacing 3DS battery with any battery not made by Nintendo voids your warranty

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