More than just an accessory: Enhanced-definition a must on Wii


As the old saying goes, “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” But if you appreciate crisp graphics, you’ll recognize an immediate improvement when connecting a Wii to an enhanced- or high-definition TV with component cables. I know I did. Steinberg says the same.

“Most people will notice a difference,” he says. “Colors appear more vividly, visuals are sharper in texture, and animations are more vibrant and polished with an upgrade to 480p. It certainly adds more richness to the gaming experience.”

Still, Steinberg cautions those who haven’t yet upgraded to keep their expectations in check. “Compared with the jump to full HD on Xbox 360 or PS3, visual boosts using Wii component cables are relatively minor,” he acknowledges. “And to the lay user simply looking to maximize their gaming dollar, it’s a tougher sell.”

Nevertheless, Steinberg and many other Wii owners already in the know argue that the “jump is worth making.” Especially since component cables may offer the best “return on accessory” of any sold-separately item, being that the cable goes for a mere $5-10 nowadays.

The Wii is not HD. We know that. But until it is, there’s no reason HDTV owners should overlook component cables for enhanced-definition on Wii. The difference, though hardly a revolution, cannot be overstated.

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