Monster Hunter 3 is Wii-exclusive, PS3 version canned

Monster Hunter 3It’s a sign of the times: a big name publisher/developer moves an incredibly successful game from a failing environment to one with both proven promise and latent potential, all because of spiraling out of control production costs.

Today, it’s CAPCOM and a signature franchise in Monster Hunter (4.5 million sold to date). The game will be a Wii exclusive when it launches sometime next year, according to early reports out of the now Internet famous Nintendo press conference of 2007 and an article at On the other side of the spectrum, the PS3 version has reportedly been canceled, and I will say no more on that point.

This might not be as big of a coup as Dragon Quest going to the DS, but it’s close. Will every game ever made from here on out be switched to the Wii? Never, that’s not what I’m hinting at in the slightest. There are some games that work, and some that don’t. In this case, one of the most popular games of the moment is one of the games that works.