Modern Warfare Wii screenshots raise eyebrows at Joystiq


Although it should come as no surprise that the Wii port of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare will lack some graphical depth in comparison with the 360, ps3, and PC counterparts, someone at Activision must be worried about it.  Joystiq’s Justin McElroy noticed some apparent photoshop work in recently released screenshots.  An added enemy corpse here, an unrealistically rendered plume of smoke there, and… well, you have a few screenshots that really don’t look any better, and leave us puzzled.

Activision’s motives for these apparent hack-jobs are unclear, but hopefully they’ll drop whatever angle they are on now and just focus on giving us a solid port of COD4 with a decent framerate and graphics somewhat comparable to playing the PC version on lowest settings.

[via Joystiq]


  1. Wait wait… I was just about to give Activision the benefit of the doubt for a second, and forget about the fact that Wii owners have been less than second-class citizens in their mind. Now (not an hour later) the “screenshots” of their two-year old port are shown to be weak photoshop hacks?

    Forget it. My personal Activision boycott is in full effect. It’s not really a sacrifice, since they’ve released nothing but crap on Wii anyway.

  2. Bull Shots!!!

    What else is new, we have been seeing fake BullShots of Wii FPS since before the Wii was available in stores. Yeah, Im looking at YOU Red-Steel.

    Hope it turns out to be very fun and decent looking for those of you that have not played it yet.

  3. Bullshots are not uncommon. But they ARE lame.

  4. Wow….this game better have some outstanding controls, because those visuals are….uhhhh…

  5. Can someone explain what exactly is photoshopped? The dead dude looks to be underscale, is that the give away, if so the close up shot doesn’t help show that, I’m confused. :/

    If the current build is pre alpha then this is an exceptable practice, as long as they photoshop Wii assets in and not 360 assets.

  6. I think it’s disappointing companies are photoshopping screenshots claiming they’re in game, when they aren’t. It’s probably a little easier to spot Wii photoshops, but I’m sure the Xbox 360 and PS3 screenshots are photoshop jobs too.

    Did this ever happen in the N64 days? I remember reading my Nintendo Power amazed at the hundreds of Zelda 64 screenshots that were released and I found the shots to match the final product graphically.

    @Chris_wing I think they were called out because the size of the pixels on the body don’t match the size of the pixels for the rest of the scene. They’re tinier, which doesn’t make much sense, unless it was a photoshop job.

  7. somewhat comparable to playing the PC version on lowest settings.

    Why not just get the PC version and play it on those settings or..heck..HIGHER settings. :/

  8. @Necro: Some people don’t have PC’s that are powerful enough for even that, basic machines for web access and msword. A lot of people only game on consoles.

    Also there’s the bonus of IR controls, a scheme that would be hard to do on the PC

  9. Thanks Craig, no one clarified, everyone was just pointing and grunting.

  10. I can get on board with saying this is shady, but not with saying “everything Activision has done on Wii has been crap.” World at War is an excellent Wii title and by far the best overall FPS game the system has seen at this point.

  11. @Crhis_Wing

    if you click through to joystiq it’s pretty clear on the full size picture that it’s copy/pasted on. The guys face does not even remotely look like a 3D model and there is a sharp line between the body and the rest of the image. Also, the lighting does not match at all.

  12. I think they were called out because the size of the pixels on the body don’t match the size of the pixels for the rest of the scene.

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