Mockups Keep Coming

What’s more shocking than the Revolution controller? We’re still infatuated with mock-ups! I can’t believe we haven’t put these bad boys down even after seeing the real deal. Call it a phenomenon.

Here’s some more for your mock-up fix:

[Thanks to all that sent these in]


  1. Crazy!

  2. awesome!!

  3. lol i dont see any point in the middle one, but still cool

  4. I would not be surprised if some of those ACTUALLY come to pass. I was very skeptical about the “remote” style of controller, but after seeing the demo video I was like “WOW… think of the possibilities!”

  5. i myself wasnt realy wowed by the video, but once i saw these shells and started thinking of what else could be done i became extremley excited

  6. It seems too that many possibly attachments that can be made and sold will not be something you have to have. Like the gun, it adds the feeling of having a gun, but you don’t need it. Which means with or without them you could still play the game as it was meant to be.

  7. I agree with nuclearice. Nice ideas, especially the steering wheel shows how the ne controller could be integrated in traditional controllers.
    I don’t like the one in the middle though…it looks like the type of controller Nintendo wants to avoid.
    Too many buttons, too complicated….

  8. the first and third look good and could work, i have been wondering how driving games would work, but with something like that i could see how, the middle set of remotes are just plain crazy!

  9. Yeah, not sure about the middle ones, but the other two are great.

    The gun attachment should definitely include a killer force-feedback mega-shudder every time you pull the trigger. It’d probably drain the batteries like hell…but it’d be worth it!

  10. Oh man, me and my friend Kirby (she’s a girl, and her name is seriously Kirby – not a nickname, isn’t that awesome?) are just.. siked out of our minds for the Revolution. We seriously stayed up until 3 oclock in the morning last night discussing possibilities. I have no idea how we’re going to last an entire year before this thing launches.

    The gun is our favorite mock-up – I especially like it because it has two triggers; two triggers = two hands 😀

    And I know this might sound stupid, but I just realized last night that the top part of the gun is the single controller with just a gun handle add-on. It really didn’t hit me (or her) until last night – I love the simplicity of the gun, yet at the same time, I could have tons of fun with it. You know how you can have a remote in each hand, like the drummer does in the video?

    Imagine having the gun in one hand and a “light saber” or “sword” in the other. Or, in a Zelda game, imagine have a “sword” in one hand and a “shield” in the other. The possibilities are simply endless – I am just STOKED. I can’t wait until November 2006 – which is when I think they’ll launch.

    Anyone think they’ll launch earlier? I sure as hell hope they do – what’s everyone’s thoughts on the launch time?

    PS) That steering wheel kicks some major ass as well, especially with the shift triggers; Nintendo, if you don’t already have stuff like the gun and steering wheel in the making, get on it! They’ll FLY off the shelves.

  11. the middle one doesnt make any sense to me but the other 2 are awesome and i hope that nintendo actually tries things like this because with the attachment thing at the bottom of the controller, the possibilities are endless

  12. I like the Revolution and my body

  13. Lightgun mockup = Best.Mockup.Ever.

  14. the steering wheel could be a flight yoke also, just tilt it forward and back and suddenly your flying a plane

  15. For those who can’t wait until next year…

    Voila, insta-Revo controller. Make four and have a double-handed duel with a friend today.

  16. Yeah, the first one looks cool, but didn’t we have a zapper about 20 years ago. I just don’t see the point. Just use the controller…

  17. you moron, thats exactly what nintendo was trying to stop…same-old, same-old, “use the controller…” i guess imagination stopped one generation short before you were born…

  18. I just don’t see anything “imaginative” or creative about a rehashed zapper.

  19. It´s not just a “rehashed zapper” i think those ideas are great. The developers could ship their own accesories bundled with games for next to nothing since the controller has all the functionality and the accesories are just shells for it.

  20. Oscar,
    I love the extensions, so maybe i came accross wrong. I just don’t understand what benefit the gun would have other than a “gun-like” handle. When i originally said “just use the controller” it was becuase the rev’s controller already seems innovative enough with 3-d space and all. I guess i still don’t get the concept.

  21. I can see the point of the middle one, because I sypathise with the guy who made it. I love every aspect about the controller, but I wish it could at least play SNES games without a shell. The controller is so cool that I wish that I could use it on everything. I cringed when they announced the shell, because instantly, I saw 3rd parties designing all of theire games for the shell, which kils the simplicity aspect which I am simply falling in love with. So, good intentions, but too complex.

    Regarding the other two, I now understand racing games for the Revolution. By the way, to the annonomous person who said that the gun is uncreative, so is the steering wheel, but just because its not nessisarily a new concept doesn’t mean that it isn’t simply awesome.

    One cool thing about the shells is that they are so cheap to make. Nintendo could sell them off the rack for 5 bucks. There’d be collectable ones, ones Nintendo Power would give away with subscriptions, and promotional givaways on special events. It could become like the “face plates” for the micro and 360.

  22. Remember — simplicity is key! The middle SNES style controller is going back to a swarm of buttons.

    Nintendo is trying to make the controller simpler, not replicate what’s been done for the past 20 years.

    I like the wheel.

    But the lightgun needs to rotate the controll 90 degrees, so you can push the buttons with your left hand (like a grenade launcher)

  23. Very cool, i think that the wheel is the coolest among the bunch, this will make mario kart and interesting affair

  24. You know that arcade lightgun game that tracks your motion so you can dodge bullets and hide behind cover?

    What if they put a second controller in some sort of headgear. Games could track your motion as well as your gun/handheld controller. Pretty sweet!

  25. All I see is someone missing the point.

    Understand, I am not against controller shells in any way, but when they’re so clearly not using the controller’s capacity I feel un-joyous.

    Example: The steering wheel. Why? Hold the standard controller (Or remote control, if that helps) in your right – Or left, anything goes – hand. Flip it on its side and hold it by its ends with both of your hands. Voilá: Steering wheel.

    And the buttons on the face of it for “accel/decel”… Why? Hold your standard controller with both your hands, and just tilt it forward. That’s acceleration for you. The opposite would then, of course, slow your car down.

    This is all very intuitive, I’ve seen my brother do it with ‘normal’ PS-controllers, because that’s what driving ‘feels’ like, and because he has not gone through the intellectual process that learning to use one of todays controllers is (As opposed to intuitive). It’s simply a matter of tightening or loosening the reigns of the horse, it’s in our collective subconcious. It’s the physical expression we give the abstract idea of driving.

    So why would a steering wheel be necessary for racers to be succesful on the next-gen Nintendo console, and how could it avoid being a simple port of, say, a PS2 wheel when it in no real way acknowledges the possibilities of the Revolution controller? Remember the golden rule of design, KISS: Keep it simple, stupid.

    Indeed, shifting gears is another matter, or at least a matter beyond my imagination at this point. You could always go automatic…

    (Yes, I am in every way hinting at the possible reality of a horse simulator done right. I, for one, would very much like to ride Epona in the very manner described above.)

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