Wii Shop Channel Monday РMy Pok̩mon Ranch and two NES imports


My Pok̩mon Ranch РWiiWare Р1,000 Wii Points
Enjoy the relaxing ranch life by viewing your ranch and its Pokémon, taking pictures and sending those pictures to your friends via the Wii Message Board. The more Pokémon and Miis you bring to your ranch, the more fun it becomes. My Pokémon Ranch can be linked with the Nintendo DS Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl Game Cards to deposit the Pokémon you’ve caught in these games in your ranch. [Developed by Ambrella, published by Nintendo]

And two NES Imports after the jump!

Dig Dug – NES Import – 1985 – 600 Wii Points
Become Dig Dug, the champion of love and justice, as you drill up, down, left and right, defeating any enemies in your path. Avoid the persistent Pooka and the deep-dwelling but whimsical Fygar as you defeat all the enemies in order to clear each stage. [Developed and published by Namco]

Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa – NES Import – 1988 – 600 Wii Points
Players take on the role of baby Upa, a prince of the Akuyo kingdom. Prince Upa must take on an adventure spanning seven different worlds in order to rescue the kingdom from the dangerous demon Zai. [Developed and published by Konami]

I’m surprised that Dig Dug was never released for NES in the US; it’s a classic arcade game and one of my favorites. Anything you’re looking forward to this week?