Miyamoto’s Secret

4 Color Rebellion’s inside informant had the following to say about the DIEC 2005 conference, “hi, mailing from cell phone! mmoto revealed that there is an extra feature in the rev that is still secret. also, valve r v excited about rev, and love nintendo – jools.” Obviously, it is a thinly veiled reference to the super-secret, virtual reality helmet and tea set, but as with all rumors, you be the judge.

Is there a secret feature on the Revolution yet to be revealed, or is this just another joke from 4cr?

[Source: 4cr]


  1. I believe that Nintendo still has something great in store.. they have said so themselves. But I doubt it’s any kind of VR equipment you put on the head. Aren’t those huge VR helmets bad for your eyes btw? Having a screen shoved up 2 inches away from your eyes can’t be healthy.

    Besides, they didn’t use any helmets during the promo displayed when the controller was revealed.

    Anyway.. just my thought. No VR for me. ^^

  2. I don’t think that was a reference to the headset Nic, c’mon. Nintendo has been saying this for awhile. May be one thing, may be multiple. Who knows, but it’s true.

    Never seen that headset, though. Nice render. Wouldn’t mind breaking my neck using that.

  3. I won’t ever let the headset go. 😉
    If they don’t release one, it will always be coming in 6 to 8 months.

    But let me go on record as saying, I still believe. I’m not sure what but something.

    Anyway, that’s a Siemen’s headset.

  4. Miyamoto wants to break away from the origins that a game has to be played from a traditional tv? I say lets do it Nintendo… They have like 6 months to surprise us, if I wait that long for a new IP and a few revolutionary games I’m gonna be surprised. Nintendo will blow us away, when we see these games we will say wow! I’ve seen X-Box 360 and have I said wow, … not quite, I think playing the demos at the Tokyo Game Show was testing the boundaries of the controller, not testing the idea of Virtual Reality, they surely wouldn’t unveil something that big that early in the game. Miyamoto likes to watch gamers reactions when they play, he won’t comment but he will often say to himself don’t go there or “you made the right move” I know he is crying on the inside to let the public know right now, but he would be in hot water with Nintendo… since he never was a producer and really gave himself that name but has been accepted over the years. Miyamoto is a pimp, think about this- Revolution with your favorite games playing with the controller but in addition you have your VR helmet where you can play in frot of a tv… Nintendo’s up to something and I want to know

  5. I think it may have to do with that patent thing last week. The one where Nintendo characters were grouped into folders and headings and it appeared as though you could play as Donkey Kong in Mario 64, for example.

    Other than that, how much different can Revo get than what was shown at the Tokyo Toy Show?

  6. I ponder if they will use the new 3D technology. For those who researched it, it would take no more graphical processing power, it is a new shader kit (similar, not sure how to better word it) that recreates the cheesy 3D effect you used to need glasses for. Now the shader makes certain colours stand out more, and others seem to sink in, so that distance is actually visible and not just virtually there. You can see down in the distance in games and movies, that is what the new technology can do.

    It would definatly go in synch with Miyamoto’s comment, just think about it that would make it stretch beyond the bounds of a normal TV set, and be perfect with a controller that works in three dimensions.

  7. i thought there was already an interview in which this was verified… that indeed there is another secret left… on worth being a secret… not just graphic specs or anything…

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