Post E3 London event impressions: Hyrule Warriors

This was the game I was most eagerly anticipating and it didn’t disappoint.

The demo consisted of two playable characters Link and Zelda, the difference between the characters was greater than expected as Link has his traditional sword and shield fighting style which is more direct, focusing on quick strikes. Zelda on the other hand, has a wider range, but her attacks are generally weaker. Each character can equip several weapons, but the only alternatives available in the demo was Link wielding the fire rod, which changes Links combat style becoming closer to Zelda’s.

Graphically the game looks very good, however my main concern is it does looks slightly rough around the edges, particularly with enemies in the background. The game runs smooth no matter how many enemies fill the screen there was absolutely no slowdown which was another concern. The most impressive visual treat is when King Dodongo makes an appearance as the boss at the end of the demo and the amount of detail in the character model is striking.

The amount of detail on offer here is amazing

The music is the standard Zelda style soundtrack channeled through the heavy metal medium accompanied with the usual orchestral elements which does suit the absolute carnage happening before your eyes.

Gameplay is just what you would expect from any of the Dynasty Warriors games, but the mechanics have the most in common with the more recent entries in the series. The GamePad screen is used to display statistics such as the current battlefield situation and not much else, but with the main action happening on the big screen this is not really an issue.

A minor complaint I do have is the limited move set the characters had access to and although you do learn additional moves by increasing your level you will have to get used to a little bit of a repetition at the lower levels.

All in all, Hyrule Warriors leaves a very strong first impression and the short time I had with the game has made a good case for me to purchase a Wii U when this game is released in September.

So what are your thoughts on Hyrule Warriors or if you have any questions, let me know in the comments.



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