$79 Micro?

Let’s be honest. The Micro is one fine piece of hardware, and it recieved very good reviews after its US September launch. The only complaint in nearly every product review was that the $99 price is too much to ask. Will that change this holiday season?

It’s rumored that Nintendo has been soliciting feedback on it’s Micro pricing. Though no sales figures have been released, the company hasn’t been touting it’s success in the US. This leads me to believe a price drop is eminent, maybe even as early as next month. The magic number: we’re thinking a logical $79 with the SP dropping to $50.

Would you buy a Micro for $79?


  1. Hell yea!…if i hadn’t already bought it. Dang it.

  2. ..Not before I buy the new SP at 50!

  3. I’m sorry but $99 is not too much to ask for the Micro. It’s not intended for us the actual gamer types. It’s intended for the hip and cool who have all the money and don’t need sites like Cheap Ass Gamer. 😛

  4. For its intended market (the fashion conscious and those who must have pretty gadgets), the price seems fine. Instead of seeing a Micro price drop, how about an even slicker redesign of the DS next year? I’m sure a prettier looking (and hopefully considerably smaller and lighter) DS would get a lot more people buying seeing as how most of the handheld focus has shifted from the GBA to the DS.

    Come on, what seems more tempting? A redesign of a machine that’s already had a facelift and is getting less support, or a sleek redesign of a machine that’s currently rising in popularity?

  5. I’d love to see the SP at 50, if only just so I can get another one with that sweet backlit screen.

  6. More likely, I see them pricing the Micro and SP at the same point. Why does one need to be more expensive than the other?

  7. To be honest the Micro for me to buy would really, really have to be an impulse buy. If it ever drops around to the 50/60 dollar range I would consider it. But nothing above that, and the chances of it coming down that low is a looooong time away.

  8. I would get the new, backlit SP at $50 without hesitation. The micro, however, is a tough sell when the SP already so well designed and portable.

  9. It’s not so tough when u hold it then try to hold an SP and be impressed. If only u could test drive handhelds.

    For me it was an impulse buy.

  10. if you realize that the micro is made of metal and is much better build, you’ll know that it would be unrealistic for it to hit $50. the US version already comes with 3 faceplates, while the Famicom version i got only comes with one faceplate (should have included the player 2 faceplate as well IMO) and cost me $130 from lik-sang. 🙁 i think it’s worth every penny, but i’m not so sure about the US version – just black and silver? come on nintendo!

  11. The Famicom micro (also bought from lik-sang) is fantastic. No two ways about it.


    What of the NES micro?

  12. My only beef is that you can’t change the front of the base color. If you could, they u can have an all white Micro, the NES Micro, or the Famicom Micro just by changing the front. The faceplate doesn’t cover the whole front. Woulda been cool, man.

  13. I bought it at $99, and I still think it is worth every single penny! I also carry the micro every place I go, I even choose to carry it above my cell phone sometimes…
    At $80, I might even consider buying a second one…

  14. Eighty dollars still seems a bit much, make it fifty and then we’ll talk.

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