Miyamoto talks about Zelda Developement

miyamoto_cnnDuring the semi-annual fiscal results briefing at Nintendo one of the investors asked an important question. How is Zelda coming along? Is there any hints into what the next game in the series is going to bring? This is what Miyamoto had to say….

“I found out that one of Zelda’s core appeals is its uniqueness. Of course we are preparing gorgeous graphics for the sake of users’ anticipation for a grand role-playing adventure. But what I believe is very important is the realistic, actual feeling players have experienced themselves; the feeling to have really been on an adventure, to have explored the unknown terrains, to have solved the puzzle through trial and errors, to have themselves grown through various experiences! In that sense, a personal sense of creativity is becoming important among us. We have assembled one of the most creative team for the recent Zelda for DS, and we want to be as creative as possible for upcoming Wii Zelda.”

He also talked about Wii Motion Plus and the controls of the new game.

“On a more tangible note, we are utilizing Wii Motion Plus. What has been disclosed so far is that we are finding the most efficient way to utilize Wii MotionPlus to realize the realistic and actual feeling of fighting with the sword. As for targeting, we are utilizing the pointing system of Wii Remote on the previous title. This time we are planning a more convenient and comfortable pointing system.”

Exciting stuff, more can be found at the link below.

[Via Share Holder Meeting at Nintendo]

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