Miyamoto not a fan of licensed game engines


_imageYou wanna know why Nintendo games look different? It’s partly because they don’t license the same graphics engines as other developers, says Shigeru Miyamoto, the king of color. “In the video games industry, it seems that the majority of companies are heading in the same direction, taking advantage of identical technologies,” he told The BBC. “They are simply trying to be better than their rivals. But we try to be unique and different and try not to depend on the techniques of others, and that’s got to have played a part in making our games look different.”


  1. Yeah Nintendo’s graphics are “different.” They are like a time machine back to a decade ago.

  2. @ Jack

    Either you are

    A: A troll

    B: An impersonator of Jack Joftus

    C: Ignorant


    D: Blind

    Should you wish to defend youself, please explain how Nintendo’s first party games have visuals that seem to be from the 90’s. I eagerly await you response.

  3. I have always found Nintendo’s extra splash of color to aid in the games effort to draw me in and allow my imagination to escape. I find the games that try to look realistic (in color) are bland, dry, and difficult to see what is happening. I spend more time trying to figure out the scene then just being drawn into my imagination, and the fun onscreen.

    The extra color could be called kiddie (and it usually is) but the ability to make me see past the images onscreen and just enjoy the game is where Nintendo shines.

  4. than can say there graphics are diffrent but every one knows there bad

  5. their graphics are differnet. they’re colorful, vivid & beautiful regardless of what the trolls think. i’m not saying they look real, but they don’t have to, to look great. muramasa anyone?

  6. You know, I don’t know that I’d actually take that to imply “graphics engine” as much as “art direction”?

    Things like the Unreal Engine are capable of delivering much more than they typically gets used for; it’s the stylistic techniques that are redundant, the algorithmic techniques are just enablers for those stylistic choices.

  7. since when nintendo has to explain their games are good due to their game engines??? it seems to me like they are not even trying to come up with a decent idea. we all know the system or the engine doesn’t make or brake a game, it’s the design that does! please nintendo stop making a fool out of yourself and start designing games like you used to!

  8. interesting. though I can’t complain about licensed engines since it seems a great way to give top end tech to firms that can’t develop it themselves, but can still use it to make great games.

    though I feel like cry engine could do mario graphics, so i’ve always assumed it’s a result of art direction.

  9. You know, perhaps the problem with ‘art’ in the unreal3 type games isn’t so much due to the engine, or even the talent of the texture writers, but actually the scenario writers.

    Every bloody HD game is set in some ‘futuristic dystopia of endless ground war’. Well, every ground war leads to rubble, and mud. Rubble and mud look grey and brown and homogenious. Hence a monotonous ‘art’ style that leaves a fair number of us Nintendo gamers more than a little uninspired.

    BUT, look what can be done: MIrror’s Edge. I think the HD systems’ problems are their obsession with scifi war. Miyamoto is spot on. Everyone else is trying to one-up each other in the same creative direction, and Nintendo chooses to do the other thing.

  10. Not that many 3rd parties use an engine that was made just for wii and how the wii works. you can clearly see that on most of the 1st party stuff. Most of the 3rd stuff use’s engines that were made for xbox or ps2. When a decent 3rd party game comes around, pepole seemed surprised it looks better than the average ps2 game from 2005 😀

  11. But art direction does help too. Art can make up for short comings of raw processing power. There wasnt a better lookin game than twilight princess on wii untill almost a year later when metroid prime 3 came out. TP is pretty much a gamecube game but its art style made it look great against other games on the system

  12. Well there is only one Nintendo in this world.

  13. So is this why it takes forever for games to be remade for nintendo systems (eg. it took NIS Amerca 5 years to get Disgaea 1 onto the ds!)… its times like these when i realy hate nintendo