Micro: Big on Style

Wired magazine has posted it’s positive review of the Gameboy Micro. They believe the system to be more comfortable than playing an SP and also touch on the screens 5 levels of brightness.

“I put the system through its paces with a variety of games, and it handled with ease whatever I threw at it. The lengthy lines of dialogue and all the tiny troops in the strategy game Fire Emblem showed up clear as crystal. The motion sensor control of Wario Ware Twisted worked perfectly.”

They do go on to mention what has been said so many times before; for only $30 more, one can play GBA games on an excellent screen as well as exclusive software with the DS. This may be more of a stopping point than the $99 price.

“But the Micro’s incredibly tiny size and customizable style take portable gaming one more step down the road toward social acceptability. When you can slip a gaming system comfortably into your tightest jeans, you’re automatically less geeky than the guy carrying a DS or a Sony PSP in a fanny pack. “

[Source: Wired]