Nintendo Spotting

Old skool meets new. Always nice to see folk in public enjoying a little Nintendo. But what could he be playing…


  1. Maybe he’s watching Spong Bob on gameboy video.

  2. Man, I was gonna say the exact same thing, except “Pokemon” instead of “Spong Bob”.

  3. actually he’s wondering why he can’t change channels.

  4. HA HA HA!


  5. He’s watching the Revolution controller trailer off the Play-Yan and is utterly confused.

  6. By insulting him you degrade all gamers as a whole.

    Who knows what he is playing, but it is DAMN good to see that the age barrier can be broken by any gamer. Portable games are great for the adult on the go who has waiting times, and the GBA SP is cheap enough even people with a modest budget can afford one.

  7. i’m agree with you…….. i’m still play against my dad in long vs battles with tetris on NES (i’m 24 years old and my father 61 year old). I hope that my father still alive for many years. He is an excellent rival 😀

  8. They were harmless jokes Mr Anonymous. No one was insulting.

    (At least i wasn’t :X)

    Great to hear about ur dad Ave! That’s awesome.

  9. From the look on his face he is extremely frustrated that his 14th level myrmidon just got killed while playing fire emblem and he is going to have to restart the whole chapter for the tenth time.

  10. I hate it when that happens!

  11. You silly people! He’s playing that brain training game, of course!

  12. maybe he just watching play-yan porn on his son’s gameboy. “Man, this nitendo games are very interesting! now I know why the kid stayed up late playing this”

  13. lol – My mother has a GBA, a GBASP and the limited edition Zelda GBASP we imported from the UK. (in addition to every Gameboy ever released from Nintendo.) So it’s no surprise to me to see an older person playing a SP!

    I say bravo!

    BTW, Anonymous, Brain Traing is for the DS, I believe.

  14. must… fight… arthritis…

  15. My mom has a red GBASP with Super Mario Bros 3/SMA4, she seems to enjoy it quite a bit despite not playing the original on NES or picking up the controller for Super Mario All-Stars (my uncle and aunt enjoyed that more)

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