Meeting a strangers Mii with StreetPass


I have been toting my 3DS around with me everywhere I go, just for the opportunity to meet someone else’s Mii via StreetPass. Yesterday it finally happened at, of all places, the grocery store. After finally experiencing this, I have to see it’s a really neat feature! Plus his Mii helped kill a ghost on my quest to free my king.

Have you had an unexpected StreetPass encounter yet?


  1. Same thing happened to me, at the grocery store as well!

    I’ve been carrying my 3ds wherever i go for the chance to meet someone, so i can save my Mii. As well as collect puzzle pieces!

    It’s extremely exciting when it happens, and i look forward to more. Just, the random chance of it happening, is well, not as fun.

  2. I live in Stockholm, Sweden, and got my 3DS on launch last Friday. Since then I had two StreetPass encounters which really surprises me. Specially since it’s so soon after launch and the ratio of 3DS owners to the population of Stockholm should be very low. It’s really exciting when it happens! I believe one occurred in the subway and the other on my way to school.

    Although, I am a bit disappointed over the generic greetings they had, like “Hi” or “Hello there!” Come on, if you’re gonna walk around with your 3DS then provide some fun stuff or some sort of contact info so one could talk about how cool it was that we passed each other! It would have been cool if the friend code was passed as well so you could send each other messages, but I guess thats not the way Nintendo wants it to be.

    What do you use as greeting and what have you seen?

  3. No luck yet (small city blues)–and I really need some Miis to help free my king, because those wimpy cat knights are useless–and I paid them well!

  4. Nobody so far. 🙁 I hope to get some soon, I will go to the grocery store with it!

  5. I haven’t had any luck either even though i carry my 3DS everywhere. I even went into Best Buy and Gamestop to browse around, and still nothing 🙁 keep in mind though, that there is a possibility that some 3DS owners might not have their system in sleep mode while they are out. Maybe they have the system completely shut off, therefore, making street pass not usable?

  6. Nothing yet, but seeing as I work at a grocery store I should get something soon.
    Sleep mode hasn’t done a ton of damage to my battery either. I had it in sleep for 3 hours, and playing music for another 3 right after and I was still on full.

  7. You’d think walking around a university would get you at least one Mii, but no, nothing!

  8. Wichita must be devoid of 3ds’ :(… I have carried mine in sleep mode to and from work since monday.. still notta! I’m sure there are a few people out there, maybe I should try the grocery store too… idk! lol

  9. I didn’t expect to get much streetpass encounters, but I went to the city last weekend and I met 3 people! It was just a day past the launch. I really hope many people will allow this function to flourish, because it makes you feel part of a special community 🙂

  10. Harvard kids dont play Nintendo..
    Ive been walking around Harvard Square for 2 days now.

    The ironic thing is my roomate took it with him to Gamestop
    to buy a ps3 and got my 1st street pass encounter on it.

  11. A – I had mine with me in Harvard Square last night, but the only person I saw on Brattle Street was a girl smoking a joint.

  12. I better fix my Mii a bit before I send it to someone… I used the picture thing and it didn’t look like me at all… lol. I have been hoping someone would have walked by me in the last couple of days with their 3DS but so far, no luck.

    I think going to a Gamestop/EB Games would be an easy way to get some Mii-action!

    As for the silly kitties… I paid for 3 to rescue me at once (2 level 1 and 1 level 2) and they only beat up two ghosts and then quit. Terrible… so hard to find good help nowadays. If I wasn’t stuck in that cage I would rescue my Mii myself! lol

  13. Haven’t met anybody but it has only been one uneventful day.

    What is this kittie/king rescue game you speak of?

  14. @BlueRocks – it’s called “Find Mii” within the StreetPass Mii Plaza.

  15. I’ve been wandering around with my 3DS in Sleep Mode a great deal and have yet to get any StreetPass love. I’m going to keep on trucking with it anyways, someone else in the city must have a 3DS. -_-

  16. I don’t own a 3DS yet, but I really like the idea of this feature. As the months go by, and millions upon millions more people own a 3DS and leave it in sleep mode, I think this is going t happen more frequently for people. As long as developers continue to give rewards for using this feature, I expect it to flourish.

  17. I live in a relatively small city in Northern Canada (about 130,000 people). It’s not very pedestrian-friendly and most people get around by car, sometimes bus. Point is, its no New York with its subways and loads of pedestrians.

    So I initially wrote off street pass, thinking I’d only be able to street pass with my close friends and girlfriend at the college.

    then today I was on the bus (with my 3DS in sleep) and when I opened it up after I transfered I noticed that I had received a notification. And it was from StreetPass Mii Plaza! I was giddy. then about an hour later my girlfriend street passed someone in walmart! : )

  18. I even had a streetpass while I was driving my car! Probably when I was a the traffic lights, amazing!

  19. So far I’ve only StreetPassed with a BestBuy. I even got to play Street Fighter with an employee via download play from my system to the kiosk. I’m looking forward to taking the 3DS on family trips during the summer. Maybe I’ll try to go to Otakon this year.

  20. Any of you guys/gals live in New York City?? Then ixwould suggest going pass the Nintendo World Store. I know a couple of the employees got 3DS’s and would love more people to streetpass.
    Did you know seeing the same person again makes that Mii stronger? So say like you pass me today and then again on the next day I would be a level 2 person ^_^

  21. Unfortunately I live in a city, despite being up with the times with tech, most of the inhabitants seems to cling to the past. Therefore I have not had any success. I will try harder and begin taking the 3ds everywhere I go. Its bound to happen. I can’t wait for it!

  22. Nothing yet…. 🙁

  23. Still nothing. I’m in Canada’s capital city of one million people. Too many stodgy politician types here I guess.

  24. Ive Got 65 hits and have completed the quest 2 times. I live in Perth, Australia

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