Meanwhile, in Kyoto…

You know who’s not sweating bullets or worried about much of anything today?

Everyone at Nintendo.


  1. I would pay that much (and even a bit more) for a Nintendo 3DS with a game… but for a Kinetic and a game?? Not a chance, baby!

  2. It find it hilarious that both the Move and Kinect control systems cost as much as an entire console.

    Good luck with all that.

  3. Well, to be fair, David, they don’t: At least the Kinetic is only $150… It is $200 with a game bundle, according to Wal-Mart!
    But even then, I’ve got a Wii, and I’m not as excited to get another motion-controlled device as I am about getting a handheld with a 3D display!

  4. 150$ for just an alternative motion control device?

    So, let’s see here, could someone do the math?

    Cost of Xbox 360 + Kinect + Controllers (assume 2) + One Game


    Cost of PS3 + 3D Glasses + 3D TV + Controllers (assume 2) + Move (assume 2 controllers) + One Game


    Cost of Wii + Controllers (assume 2) + One Game

    I’d sure love to see a price comparison on that list.

  5. Cost of Xbox 360 + Kinect + Controllers (assume 2) + One Game

    $99.99 to $149.99 (on sales, most likely won’t come with harddrive) + $149.99 + (no need for controllers other than the one packaged with the 360) + $59.99 (price of kinect game if it isn’t bundled)
    = $309.97 to $359.97

    $299.99 (all new slim) + $149.99 + $59.99 (one already comes with console) + $59.99
    = $569.96


    Cost of PS3 + 3D Glasses + 3D TV + Controllers (assume 2) + Move (assume 2 controllers) + One Game

    $86.99 (broken blu-ray typical price) to $146.99 (cheapest they’re found on sales) + (assuming you just want move, glasses and tv removed) + (no controllers needed other than packaged) + $99.96 (Move bundle comes with 1 Wand, 1 Playstation Eye, and 1 game) + $49.99 (extra wand) + $29.99 (1 navigation controller, packaged normal controller can be used as the extra navigation controller)
    = $266.93 to $326.93

    $349.99 (250 gb) + $299.98 (2 3D glasses for 3D TV) to $399.98 (assumed price of 2 playstation 3 3D glasses) + $2,900 (best price for best 3D TV) + $59.99 (one controller is already packaged) + $39.99 (price of Playstation Eye in Playstation stores) + $99.98 (2 wands) + $59.98 (2 navigation controllers if you don’t want to use the normal controller for one) + $39.99 (price of Move games)
    =$3,849.90 to $3,949.90


    Cost of Wii + Controllers (assume 2) + One Game

    $117.99 to $126.99 (internet sale price) + $18.11 (online sale controller, 1 already packaged with system) + (free Wii Sports)
    =$136.10 to $145.10

    $199.99 (black Wii) + $54.99 (black Wiimote + Motion+, one already with console) + $19.99 (extra Nunchuk, one already packaged with console) + $39.98 (2 classic controller pros) + $49.99 (a typical Nintendo game price)

    Side by side comparison:
    360 Cheapest: $309.97 to $359.97
    PS3 Cheapest: $266.93 to $326.93
    Wii Cheapest: $136.10 to $145.10

    360 Newest: $569.96
    PS3 Newest: $3,849.90 to $3,949.90
    Wii Newest: $364.94

    This is, of course, without several other factors. Perhaps you’re buying a 3D TV for your 360 as well? Microsoft is looking into 3D as well, you know.
    How about the Live subscription? You can find those on sales, or you may be paying the typical price for them.
    What about headsets for the PS3? Those aren’t bundled with most systems.
    Chargers for all console controllers?
    What about the newest in Move products without 3D?
    What about just 3D but no Move?
    What about four players?

    And if you consider your PS3 your blu-ray player, do you count blu-ray dvds into the price?
    What about Playstation Store vs Live Arcade vs VC & Wiiware? – Prices vs Choices
    Game choices don’t count, as you’ll start off with a huge list of “to-try games” if you’re just starting in any of the systems.

    How about game features? Demos? Etc?

    Lots of variances, but the Wii will always be the cheapest.
    It doesn’t mean Kinect doesn’t have a chance, they’ve been doing a gigantic marketing campaign. With as much marketing they’re giving it (and it’s working), they’re not too scared of their price range.
    …Sony on the other hand, will always be a multimedia company to me, they treat it like a business – not as gamer-industry.

  6. And let’s not forget: What’s the price of all these after taxes?

    And the never-forgettable: Replay value vs Gimmick?

  7. Already own a Wii. Only move game so far I would get is Sorcery. Looking forward to playing Resident Evil 5 with RE4 Wii Edition type-input. As for Kinect, sorry but no sale at all. If I owned a 360 I wouldn’t get Kinect since there’s no game that appeals to me and if Wii has taght me anything is that actually having a controller in your hand is more inmersive than, as Kevin Butler put it, playing “pew-pew-pew” wars.

  8. ugh- tricked again. and i actually thought that, with a cute kitten in a hammock and a positive byline, the link would take us to something positive.

    instead just more fanboy gloating. wonderful. is it really impossible to enjoy your toys without mocking others? at least those nasty ps2 kids wont make fun of our nintendos anymore, huh? those jerks.

    i do like the fanboy conceit here though- that we can all feel good because nintendo does. because we’re on they’re side. the winning side.

    though that seems to clash with the “hey Nintendo is here to make money, not be your friend” ‘tude sometimes exhibited. I’m find having just a little trouble caring that Nintendo’s so happy when this site’s editors have told me that they see me as a walking wallet.

  9. oops! “their” side.

    that was bothersome.

  10. @zatara
    Most of this gen’s Nintendo fanboyism comes from the relentless attacks that fans of the 360 and the PS3 give Nintendo Wii owners (though they tend to forget that the DS is also amazing and delivers several titles to the core audience).

    Most Wii owners went from happy customers to overly defensive fanboys because of the blind assault from 360 and PS3 fans.

    …and oddest thing is, it wasn’t just the fans making fun of the Wii, it was also major developers and Microsoft and PS3 employees.
    The Wii is the most bullied system there is, so most satisfied customers within the gamer side have become quite defensive about it.

    That, and many satisfied fans of the Wii are also over-sensitive to Wii bashing as many negatives about it are also true: Though we do have a good number of titles that would interest core gamers, it is also a pathetic ratio compared to the other systems. …I can name over 100 titles that are intriguing to Wii owners, but compared to the 200-400 on other consoles? Hmmm…

    I myself am no longer just a fan to the Wii (though I do love my Wii) as I do own all consoles and handhelds now, but I am a fan to Nintendo’s philosophy… and am offended when anti-Wii fans are misunderstanding and incorrectly stating them.

    And btw: Those ps2 boys are now 360 and PS3 boys, and they are QUITE LOUD in their constant bashing of the Wii. …heck, even though their systems are going the way of the motion controls, they still bash on it – now with more gusto.
    So most Wii-fanboyism comes from over-sensitivity and defensiveness to this day. I wouldn’t say that’s exactly a bad thing, as that does encourage fans to be more passionate in their expectations from Nintendo (which actually does push Nintendo and 3rd parties to do better).

  11. 3DS!!! Thats where the moneyms at! Who would win in sales at Christmas? Kinect, Move, 3DS? Why 3DS, of course. Come on Nintendo, bring it out by the end of the year!!

  12. I don’t think 3DS will be released by Christmas, just because if people had to choose between a console or a handheld, some people might just go with the console.

    If they, however, plan a very nice Q1 release, and hype it up massively, they could draw in the Nintendo crowd, as well as many Xbox and PS3 aficionados, and possibly more if they’re lucky.

    Best time to get maximum income would be to wait until after the Christmas sales have died down. Give people time to recoup and get enough money to afford both a new handheld, as well as a few games.

  13. That’s an incredibly useful list, Skotski. Thanks! 🙂

  14. The 3DS will probably launch in December in Japan and then on March 27 (a saturday) in Europe and the Americas, which gives them enough time to have 2-3 games for launch and maybe 4-6 from 3rd party developers, with more to follow each month, specially after E3 2011 demos.

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