Matt Casamassina: Halo DS is for real!

Halo DSDid Matt Casamassina’s torrid love affair with Perrin Kaplan finally pay off? When he revealed that, once upon a time, there was a working build of Halo DS in development, had he descended from the Ivory IGN Tower to bestow some legitimate truth upon we the gaming plebeians? Has his crazy hair finally, once and for all, taken over the rest of his gray matter real estate? Sadly, we may never know. But hey, just for poopsky’s and giggles, let’s let Cas out of the cage one last time so he can dish once again about Halo DS.

In IGN’s Wii-k in Review podcast for 6/15/2007 Mr. Casamassina brought it up again, and had this to say: “It’s a real game”¦ we’re going to lay down some ownage next week or soon afterward by showing you guys that it is a real game.”

Fun fact: When someone says they’re going to “lay down some ownage” you have little choice but to believe them. You just have to. It’s in your DNA. Such is the power of Matt C., News Crop. and corporate sponsorship. So what do you think… Halo DS? I think Microsoft and the whole “we own Bungie now, you idiot” thing might come into play on this one.