Mass Effect 3 is now officially a Nintendo Wii U launch title


When it comes to the Nintendo’s Wii U launch lineup, there’s plenty of heavy hitters. There will be zero excuses for Nintendo when their new console launches, they have solid first party titles and solid third party titles.

Gamers who have the cash and want the Wii U will have plenty of options when it comes to what to play, and they just got another game added to that launch list: “Mass Effect 3“.

The game was always coming to the Nintendo Wii U, that’s been well known and documented. What people didn’t know is when the game would be showing up on the console. BioWare however confirmed today that “Mass Effect 3″ will be a Wii U launch title.

Mass Effect 3” on the Wii U will ship with the game’s Extended Cut ending, along with the From Ashes DLC. The game will also have an updated version of the Genesis comics from Darkhourse. On the multplayer side, you’ll get the Rebellion, Resurgence, and Earth add-ons.

Thanks to the Genesis comic, Wii U owners will be able to craft their own stories from “Mass Effect” and “Mass Effect 2“. This feature will give players the chance to bring those decisions into “Mass Effect 3”, altering the game. This is a nice workaround for the first two games not being available on the Wii U.

BioWar didn’t confirm if the upcoming Omega DLC would be jumping onto the Wii U. It’s hard to imagine they wouldn’t include this DLC for the Wii U port of the game, but it’s a good idea not to expect it just in case they need more time getting it finished up.

The Nintendo Wii U and “Mass Effect 3” for the Wii U will launch on Nov. 18, 2012.