Mario Kart Wii *NOT* rockin’ the text chat

Mario Kart Wii text chat

Get ready for updated graphics, 12-player online racing, new motorcycles and text chatting options that will remind you of what life was like on AOL in 1999!

That’s right, it would appear as though the Achilles Heel of Mario Kart Wii when it launches later this year will be the online interaction. Which will be text based. With registered friends only. Via the United States Postal Service. While a step up from Super Smash Bros. Brawl’s cookie cutter inspired text “slogans,” it’s still not much. At least racers will be able to discuss, well, something in between jaunts down Rainbow Road.

Wii Fanboy:

Nintendo’s European arm confirming on its site: “You can create rooms for friends to join and even text chat while you’re waiting for other racers.”

Nintendo: Protecting you from Internet predators. Protecting you from your FRIENDS. Watching out for YOU.

UPDATE: Commenters are concerned/confused about when the texting takes place. From the Joystiq story I read, it is like text messaging on your phone (with possible keyboard support — unconfirmed) that is done before and after races, not during.

NEW UPDATE: Who’s ready for pre-determined text slogans, provided by Nintendo? I hope you are, because that’s what really coming to Mario Kart Wii later this year.