Mario Kart Wii hands-on with X-Play


X-Play gets some hands-on time with Mario Kart Wii. It’s a bit awkward to watch them play the game in real time, but that’s what half the fun of any Wii game is all about, right?

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  1. It gives me “video not available, check back soon”. Wonder if they broke an embargo….

  2. I don’t know why…I’m just not excited about this game. I’ve been playing MK on the DS and I just can’t get into it, I’m a bit tired of Mario Kart as a series.

  3. XD I’d prefer that play with the wheel, the nunchuck and wiimote is something so common.

  4. I haven’t liked the way the Mario Kart series has been going for a while i.e. down the ‘wacky races’ route. I don’t feel excited watching this preview – it looks too similar to the poor GC version. What I would like to see is a return towards the SNES Super Mario Kart roots – the gameplay of which just can not be touched. Keep the karts karts – not all these silly vehicles. Keep it simple with excellent courses and F-Zero-like speed.

  5. This game will be fun !

  6. I am more excited for this game than SSBB. I have been thinking of getting SSBB tonight/tomorrow but I would much rather wait for Mario Kart Wii. Both will be online and I would much rather race than fight. Plus my wife would also love to play this.

  7. I hope I can use the Classic Controller’s d-pad to steer. That way I can do the boosts easier. I hate analog controls for the MK games, I have to say. Compared to a d-pad it makes the turning so imprecise.

  8. my wife is pysched. I still haven’t figured out the problem people have had with MK: Double Dash. Can someone fill me in? I’ve got so much of my money’s worth of that game.

    can’t wait for this. what’s the release date again?

  9. Brandon:

    My wife & I have never had any problems with MK: Double Dash either. We have gotten more than our money’s worth of MK: Double Dash also. We are happy about the online play for the Wii, but we need also an exceptional local experience.

    BTW…Mario Kart Wii coming April 28th in North America

  10. *Sigh*

    I remember when time trial mode used to matter. Even on Mushroom Cup. I don’t see any challenge in that track for time trial.

    I agree with Dave L. I’d like a return to the Snes roots. Super Circuit did it, but nothing since then.

  11. Super Circuit is probably the worst MK game ever. DD is the best so far. Still play it regularly.

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