Man Your Battle Cannons [update 3]

Like a phazon blast to the temple, Metroid Prime Hunters has hit the wifi airwaves. Just like with the last Wifi game, we’re bringing the all wifi-ers here together under one roof. Leave your info in the comments and your fears at the door. Only the bad die young.

[Update 3- Post your codes, dangit. We need more peeps!]

Infendo Hunters-

Blake: 1289 1677 6603

Nick: Hunters License Pending Authorization.

Rollin: 1718 6624 0388

Dale: Hunters License Pending Authorization.

Chris: Hunters License Pending Authorization.


  1. heres my code
    3565 4977 7047

  2. My code is

  3. Yeah thats right kiddies!!!

    2191 1080 3976

  4. License doesn’t have an S before the C, sorry to be picky. Great site BTW.

  5. Come git some! I’m be cheking in every now and then all night.

    (And thanks for the correction, Anon.)

  6. Halopend


  7. Got the last copy at EBGAMES tonight!



  8. Silent K


  9. Dang! It’s a busy week here in UT! I don’t know that I’ll be getting this goodness until the weekend. Be sure to post your impressions below.

  10. Blake, you in UT? All you guys in UT?


    Sign me up as friend or Foe!

  11. Add me will ya:


    I’ve already added everyone 🙂


  12. Shaz, it didn’t work for me to add you. It said that your code was incorrect.

    So Rollin and bunch, I’m a developer in UT, you guys located here?


  13. dahm…

    actually its:



  14. Fox


  15. Marko

    2148 1599 4305

    Hit it up

  16. Metroid Prime Hunters was not made for the DS..the DS was made for Metroid Prime Hunters.

    The Nicest Unreal Mod I’ve ever played 😉

  17. BlueMax


    I’ve added all of you already, look forward to seeing you online.

  18. Name:Bojangles

    Friend Code:4381 5422 8304

    Weapon of Choice:Brick to the temple

  19. .:Orion:.


    please add me, cuz i’m getting everyone

  20. 4725-1403-7335


    AIM: KingKrastle

    IM me any time if you want to get a game going.

  21. 4037-9466-7824


  22. we should set up a time people start playing. Like every night at 8:00 central time, or something like that. Or Monday, Wed, Fri, and Sat people play…cause we have a great community here and it would be fun to do all sorts of WiFi games with everyone.

  23. I agree. Friend mode makes worldwide look stupid.

    Prime Hunter and Defender ROCK!!!!

  24. hex

  25. I just got Hunters today…

    IT ROCKS!!

    This is the closest you can get to playing Halo 2 on a portable! (I would even dare say it’s better: love that touchscreen control!)

    Friend Code:
    2964 2082 6729


    I already got everyone else in this blog, I hope I’m not too late to get included in your friends lists…

  26. david


  27. Okay, I added you all! That took a while!

    Please add me, too.

    Friend code is above —^

    Thanks. – david

  28. Rollin and crew, jsut waiting for you guys to set up a constant time which we all can get on and play. 🙂 Lead the way…

  29. 1890


  30. hi just want to thank you guys for reposting this thread, and i ask that you do it at least a few more times, or maybe create some dedicated pages for friendcodes.

    as for everyone else make sure you check back the only way to be sure that people add you is to add the new people below you. my code is posted above, i’ve added everyone up to and after me as of this post. i think it is great if any of you decide to add your aim usernames, and even e-mails. great work everyone.

  31. i go by orion in game and i listed my info under that as well.

  32. sorry last post for now i promise,

    my aim name is: rynszmr
    my e-mail is:

    i prefer aim

  33. please add me


    thanks i have added everyone

  34. Hey my AIM name is folax, so everyone please im me if you want to play, i’m mostly on at night but sometimes during the day. like tomorrow. send me a message if you’d like to play.

    Hey guys, why don’t we just say like 10pm EST monday next week. 4/3/06

    if anyone thinks that is a bad time lets hear it.

  35. Rawbiz
    leave reply if you take my friendcode and I’ll take yours.
    (your name that is)lol

  36. Hey I just added everyone on list if someone adds me just let me know.

  37. Hey i just added everyone on list

  38. if you’re like me, i am sure that everyone here has taken your fc. i check this thing almost every day. Rawbiz, your friend code is too long. its only supposed to be 12 numbers.

  39. ohhh sorry where can i find fc with
    metriod hunters??

  40. From the main screen: hit multiplayer mode, hit nintendo wifi connection, click at the bottom where it says edit friends and rivals, and then click add friend at the bottom right. on the top screen on the left side it should say “your code” . that is your friend code

  41. got it my fc is 4682 1920 1836

  42. log on then and fight me now!!!

  43. i have 2 go for 2 hours

  44. l=f(d)


  45. l=f(d)

    added everyone above me. do the same!

  46. monday night sounds good. I also think that that is a great idea to create a seperate page just to list all Infondo reader’s Friend codes and the weekly playing time! (And then do the same for tetris.. 🙂 )

  47. im on right now if anybody wants some


    fc posted above

  48. OK, I think I got you all registered now!

    I’ll frag ya all on Monday!!

  49. amek:

  50. rich


  51. i hope you dont mind that i am posting just so i know who the last person i added was.

  52. with alot of people
    it telling me on top screen to check friendcode 4 accuracy
    anyone else with this problem.
    (im thinkN its because they have not registerd me yet.) the ones I do have are, folax, beskull, Zin.

  53. b1ggyfr1es:

    i dont play often, but will try. this game rocks balls!


  54. hey rawbiz this is zin i got everyone registered no problem. Oh anyone wanna set up a match email me at with time. Ill try as best i can.

  55. Hey l=f(d)I registered U but im not getting your hunter license and its telling me to check your
    fc for accuracy is this your correct fc:1203 2666 2270 and i thing U already registered me
    Rawbiz reply.

  56. Zin i have you registered and your
    license info

  57. Hey everyone, I will be adding everyone’s FC so add me to yours!
    Name= Wolf FC= 3221 9027 3065

  58. I have added everyone now so if you add me it should work immediatly. If not email me your FC and I will add you.
    My email is

  59. name: michael

    please add me! added you

  60. rawbiz that is the correct fc. i dont know why it isnt working.

    is anyone else having trouble with getting mine to work. i know rollin and frisby are not because i saw them online

  61. Well i guess u have to log on to nintendo wifi at same time because
    some are being registered, as of this post i have everyone in my DS
    but only six i have their license info
    Folex, beskull, frisby, mugwump,
    zinn and l=f(d)it just added U.

    If this is how it works then someone let me know or if U have more info on how it works, so I can be sure that something isn’t wrong. Thanxs

  62. so is tonight when the battles begin?

  63. Rawbiz, just so u know: It won’t show other ppl u’ve added until they’ve also added you. Chances are that alot of ppl haven’t seen your code yet.

  64. Ok, I am planning on tonight even though the Podcast said Wed. Lets just call tonight…a warm-up. 🙂 Plan on 10 central time. I’m gearing up and ready to go! Frisby you in?

  65. hey beskull you add me? this is zin i just tried to join your game but it wont let me.

  66. hey everyone.
    name: pezking6983
    code: 330780731346

  67. pezking6983

    I’ve added everyone above me. Do the same!

  68. Hey everybody!

    As a warning, I suck at this game HORRIBLY (been logging too much time in Tetris, but I’m not too good at FPSs anyway).


    I’m a bit late, considering it’s twenty till eight EST, but I just now saw this thread.


    Let the fragging commence.

  69. Blake, did you add me yet bro? It still tells me that you need to enter my FC.
    Name= Wolf FC= 3221 9027 3065
    I have added everyone on this list, so if you dont have me yet add me please.

  70. Hey, my friends code is 3307 8095 7197 i would really like to play with you guys. If you add me to your frineds list then please e-mail me at with your friend code so I can make sure that everyone i sign up as a friend has me signed up too.

  71. Name :Dorito
    Code: 0344-2781-1394

    add my friend to

    name : Snaks
    Code: 1804-5675-5098

  72. Thanks guys, this was fun. We should do this weekly, sorry that I could only play a couple of games, my wife was nagging me.

    Dorito, I have added you and Snaks, add me to your list
    Name= Wolf FC= 3221 9027 3065

  73. If anyone is a member of you should check out this club.
    It is the “Metroid Prime Hunters Wi-Fi Club” and it has about 50 peoples Friend Codes.
    There are a few other clubs as well, you can just go to my profile page and check out what clubs I belong to.

  74. Hex

    its my name in Metriod & Tetris
    just to let you guys know im on every mon – thurs from 8 til 9:30pm. and fri-sat from 1am – sun-rise sunday morning. thats the update bring it on hunters

    Tetris – 1976-1257-0533
    Metriod H – 3178-9534-6708

  75. Metroid code: 4725 1482 7577


  76. Wow, I just added all you bums. LOL
    Would it have killed nintendo to make a online lobby. Anyway, here’s me.

    Name: Johnny D
    FC: 2663-5553-4467

  77. Let me know who all added me so i dont have to add more than who has added me.

  78. Johnny D says: I added you dorito

  79. Andrew says: anyone in the uk wanting to swap codes, mine is posted just above. Cheers

  80. i just got done adding every singple persons friend and it took forever and i would appreciate it if you guys all enterd mine to thanks.

  81. Please add me

    *Cypher D*


  82. my code is


    if you posted my friend code before as something different then that one was wrong and this is the correct one. everyone please add me to their list because i have already added everyone else to mine.

  83. New friendcode old 1 erased
    i’ve added every1 above please do same. FC: 0344 2870 0624

  84. yo guys add me my code is:


    hey guys add me and we can doo a little chating and have a few games

  85. i just finished adding u all to my list and it came to 42 i also added from metroid meetup 2 so my name is lupes85 and my code is = 2878-3219-8256

  86. I just added everyone to my list.

    My FC is 0859-6874-4576

  87. Please add my friend code…..

    FC: 2921


  88. Please add me!


  89. Yo, loknar, right now.

    2620 6055 6561

    I warn you, I suck.

  90. Check it out! New code (As of May 27, 2006)



    Got ALL you guys, *phew*, now let’s get fraggin’!

  91. My character is Dimension


    Plz be my frnd.

  92. This Is Mine

    Name:@C!D F!R3
    Friend Code:3995 0576 7906

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