Major Japanese contributions to video games

NES controllerI wrote an article for GamePro last week in which I documented the major Japanese contributions to video games since the birth of the medium. Here’s a relevant snippet for Infendo Nation:

1889 – Nintendo is formed in late September by Fusajiro Yamauchi to produce handmade hanafuda cards which are used for several popular Japanese games. Over the years the company will transform into one of the most powerful and influential video game companies in the world. (full article here)

Before writing the article, I errantly thought that American and International game developers paled in comparison to the Japanese. Upon further research, however, I realized the extent to which everyone has contributed: Americans invented/commercialized gaming, Japan saved the industry and still leads in terms of risk-taking, and Europeans largely introduced mature content (Grand Theft Auto).

It was fun to take in, analyze, and appreciate all the major milestones achieved in gaming since its inception — something I’ve personally taken for granted up until now.

It’s good to be a gamer.