Madden ’08 online broken?

Madden 08 broken?I’m seeing scattered reports from Joystiq, GoNintendo and elsewhere that say the online play in Madden ’08 for Wii is, in a word, broken.

EA (via GoNintendo):

“Now that Madden NFL 08 is available, the development team at EA is doing some tweaking to make sure our online experience is as smooth as possible. Since there is currently a high volume of people playing online, this is the best time for us to monitor and maximize the experience. As updates are taking place over the next 24 hours, some fans may experience an interruption in online play. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience as we make the necessary updates.”

What’s the word, Infendo? I didn’t pick this one up (’07 is good enough for me right now), but for those of you who have, what’s going on?