Lost cache of Virtual Boys unearthed in Dubai

I’m probably one of the few people who still owns a Virtual Boy. I’m also one of the few people who actually enjoys playing it. So, you can understand that today was like Christmas in September for me. Why? Some lucky bloke discovered a cache of new-in-box Virtual Boys in the arid sands of Dubai.

“This product was just left years ago and nobody knew it was in stock,” said Geekay Games purchasing manager Vijay Chandrabota. “For me, it was dead stock. I didn’t even know that this Virtual Boy existed until we found it.”

Vijay, my man, tear one of those puppies open and fire up Mario Tennis. Once the migraine subsides and your eyes adjust to that red and black, you’ll be in video game heaven!

Also, please tell me that one Infendo reader out there has a Virtual Boy of their own and care share in my visual misery nirvana.