Listen up, podcasters: Infendo Radio lost in transition and on indefinite hiatus

Hey Infendo Radio fans: Thanks for all the love and hate mail asking for a new podcast.

Unfortunately, after podcasting uninterrupted for nearly five full years, Infendo Radio has been on hiatus for three months now. As a labor of love, it finally dropped off Derek and Blake’s priority list for good. And unlike last time, there’s no Kyle, Will, Sean, or Alex to take it on (nor David or Zac, did I miss anyone?).

That said, the team might revisit the podcast after the transition into new ownership early this year. But by all means, if someone knows how to record a catchy 30 minute podcast, edit it, and publish it on a weekly basis, let us know’perhaps you can pick up the baton in the interim.

We had a great run and hope to exhume it someday from the grave ’ at least in spirit. In the meantime, why don’t you enjoy the back catalog of more than 300 episodes? Then tell us what some of your favorite episodes were?