List of the Best Nintendo Remote Control Cars

List of the Best Nintendo Remote Control Cars

While I was growing up, I enjoyed playing different Nintendo RC games. Nintendo has been a household name over the years when it comes to toys and games. It’s no surprise that I’ve grown to be passionate about their RC games. While the developer is also known for other games such as Warriors, I’m also excited to know that they’ve continued producing different and captivating titles. You might even be heading to the nearest Nintendo console now!

Here, I’ll show you some of the best Nintendo Racing cars that you need to buy and play this year. I hope to see you on the racing course within the next few months!


Mario Kart 8: Deluxe


This racing car does not need too much introduction. Despite this, it’s only right that I mention it’s the most comprehensive version of one of the greatest karting games of all time. You’ll even find that the game features some added racers and tracks as well as actual multiple player battles in the arena.

I enjoy playing the racing car game with my friends after a long day at work. Why? It’s just very relaxing and at the same time exciting. Nowadays, it’s even hard for me to visit Nintendo and walk out without racing the Mario Kart!


Fast RMX

Runner-up to Mario Kart 8 in the RC Rank Nintendo reviews is one of the most incredible sci-fi ship racers – Fast RMX. The racing car game features all the 24 original tracks plus six more. For the hardcore gamers like me, this is our best choice.

I enjoy how the game allows you to move from one state to another. Through this, you can make good use of the color-coded boost zones. I wouldn’t call it so tactical, but it adds a good touch and feels slightly different from other cars.


Mario Slot Car Race Track

Okay, maybe this is a little bit more traditional from other Mario remote control vehicles. Even so, it’s one of the best in the car racing industry today. It’s quite small in size with a scale of 1:43, and it’s built around the Mario Kart DS video game. It has two karts, our lovely hero Mario in his usual “B-Dasher” kart and Peach. You’ll find that the controllers have a boost button which mimics a mushroom boost!


Micro Mario Kart Wii


Aside from the larger Nintendo cars, there are other smaller models called Micro Mario remote control vehicles. I recently got one for my son and came to enjoy racing it around with him. It’s just a fun and excellent car for both adults and kids. You can race as Mario, Yoshi, Bowser, Luigi, or Wario – the choice is yours!

I saw it with one of my son’s friends and said to myself, “Wow! I have to buy for him that too!” You have to change the battery manually which might be a bit challenging when it comes to kids. Even so, it gives you one of the best performances. Those giving negative reviews about it don’t turn the switch to the required 90 degrees. So, make sure you turn the car’s switch completely, or you’ll get disappointed.


Have you bought your Nintendo car yet? If not, then you have a good selection of cars when that time comes. All the models that I’ve mentioned are not only my best choices but also the best loved by both Nintendo and Mario fans. They are good birthday and Christmas presents too! If you know someone who’s a huge Mario fan, then make his or her day with an awesome remote control car gift!