Let’s WiiLove, not WiiHate


[Guest article by Andrew Adam]

Internet communities tick me off sometimes.  No matter if I am on the Nsider2 forums, surfing internet gaming sites, or listening to podcasts, it’s easy to hear a lot of bashing of the Wii.  “I’m bored with my Wii.”  “The Wii has no good games.”  “The casual players are killing video games.”

Really people? I don’t quite understand all the complaining. Does no one remember the last two generations of Nintendo consoles? We have entered the second glory age of Nintendo reigning on top, and all people can do is gripe.

“I’m bored with my Wii.” – How? Is Super Smash Bros Brawl already dull? I find that hard to believe, considering there are plenty of people still playing Melee – so it’s a safe bet the same goes for Brawl. Mario Kart is owned by a ton of people, has a good online experience and you can get anyone to play it. Heck, between my girlfriend, brother and myself, we have sweated out over 100 hours on the Wii Fit. Not to mention great third party titles like No More Heroes, Boom Blox, de Blob, Mushroom Men, Guitar Hero IV, Rock Band 2, Shawn White and Rayman Rabbits 3 just to name games released in 2008.

“The Wii has no good games.” – This bring me to the second common gripe. Besides the above mentioned Wii retail games, there is the huge library of Wiiware and Virtual Console titles. World of Goo is being praised everywhere and is only $15. Tetris Party might be the best version of Tetris, and its $12. Mega Man 9 is true throwback to the retro gamer – full with insane difficulty and 8-bit goodness. Toss in great Wifi multi-player games like Bomberman and Cue Sports, great platform games like Toki Tori, Lost Winds, the Art Sytle series and even the ultimate time waster Defend Your Castle, and it’s hard to argue these new downloadable games available provide much bang for your buck.

And you can’t tell me that you never have an itch to replay some old favorite at one time or another. Super Mario 3, the Castlevania series, Secret of Mana, Super Mario RPG, Star Fox 64, Punch Out, good classic Sonic titles and over 250 other games I don’t want to waste time re-writing are all a simple download away. Yes, I know there are storage issues, but with a little fridge work these games can kill your “boredom.”

“The casual players are killing video games.” This is the worst of the bunch. How? How are they killing video games? Casual gamers are providing Nintendo and other companies money to put toward other quality games. Yeah, that’s an “awful” thing.

Has Nintendo suddenly stopped making “hardcore” games? No, they haven’t. Do they have a lot of games in development not ready for us to play or even show? Yeah, that happens when you throw so many titles at a bunch of greedy gamers almost too fast, just to keep us happy. They are making more games than ever before, and have more money to try and innovate thanks to casual gamers entering the gaming scene. Don’t be hating on Nintendo for effectively marketing a poor economy.

As for the cry for mature titles, third parties are coming to the rescue. Mad World, The Conduit, Tenchu 4, Final Fantasy: Crystal Bearers, Final Fantasy: Echoes in Time,  Arc Rise Fantasia, Deadly Creatures, Ghostbusters, House of the Dead: Overkill, Klonoa, Muramasa: The Demon Blade, Oncechanbrara: Bikini Zombie Slayers, a TMNT fighter and we do have Punch Out!! and Sin and Punishment 2 coming from old Ninty themselves.

Sure, Wii Sports Resort is going to outsell them all, but the main reason for that is all of you are going to not buy the before mentioned games and complain there is nothing to play. So is that the casual gamers fault – or yours?

Third parties are trying to save the hardcore fans. They did it on the DS when Nintendo had a down time making games, and people bought those third party titles. Let’s make the same happen on the Wii people. Show the third party companies some love.

And love your Wii people – don’t be hating. I know I love mine – faults and all.


  1. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with spending $250+ on a system in the hopes of playing truly new and innovative games, only to be let down with a majority of the same old same old plus waggle. People have the right to complain over an investment that has yet to live up its revolutionary guaranty.

  2. There is this big thing called the Internet, people like to bitch about things on it.

    I agree with what you are saying, I only own a Wii and I am plenty satisfied. Nothing wrong with other platforms, but I don’t need them at this point.

    The other complaints boil down to it being harder to hype up Wii games. Bored with means I am not excited for a game that will be released in 7 months. Many of these people own two or more consoles, they tend to tune out of 3rd party announcements and only care about 1st party games. Likewise when they bitch about the library multi-platform games where the Wii version stands on equal footing are ignored. Rock Band 2 does not count as a good game in the Wii library because it also came out on 360 and PS3 and the people who are bitching play it there.

    For whatever reason they feel burned. Maybe they were never Nintendo fans and the hype made them get one. Once they got it and figured out what it was they got upset because it was not for them.

    Maybe they are not big on local multiplayer. Now games like Boom Blox don’t count.

    Maybe they are long time Nintendo fans who want the next iteration of a big franchise. Last year internal development was focused in a more experimental direction so they feel left out.

  3. It lived up to its revolutionary guarantee when I played Metriod Prime 3, Boom Blox, Wii Sports, Shawn White Snowboarding, Resident Evil 4 Wii edition, Zack and Wiki, World of Goo and Lost Winds. It is not Nintendo’s fault if third parties are unimaginative. If people want to bitch focus it where it belongs, developers. The platform itself is fine.

  4. I agree with all of the people that are bashing the wii. The fact is that Nintendo just does not make good quality games anymore. SSBB got boring after about 10 or15 hours. Mario Kart wii was addicting for awhile but it also got boring. As far as mature games go, there are only three or four out there for the wii. The only good looking game that I am looking forward to is The Conduit, and that’s it. And people, what the hell is the hype with wii fit? Just go buy a dvd and a mat if you want to work out. And honestly, who wants to play a lot of games that they have already beaten in the past? And your comment on how casual gamers are not destroying gaming is bogus, especially for the wii. Since Nintendo makes a lot of money on cruddy games that they or other developers didn’t spend much on, what incentive do they have to spend a lot of money on a core title that will cost a lot? Their main audience now is the casual gamer, so why wouldn’t they create more and more casual games? I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am also getting tired of buying accessories for my wii. It seems like with every new big game, they come out with some new accessory that eventually just becomes a waste of money. Overall, Nintendo just has not delivered anything, and the core games that they do make almost always have mario in it, so we’re left wondering if they can even create any new characters or stories. Bottom line, I regret buying my wii.

  5. Agrees with Hunter, enough said.

  6. Bummer some people are not happy. Guess they should sell it off or use it to get trade credit on another system.

  7. This Christmas I got an Xbox because I was bored of the wii. I liked Brawl it was fun but for some reason I got bored of it in just a month. Melee lasted years. Mario Kart got boring. Wii games just get boring I don’t know why they just do. Yes the Wii does have good games that are a lot of fun but not enough. It does irritate me to see so many stupid party games on the shelfs.

  8. I guess maybe the reason I like it so much is because I love those party games. I absolutely crave four player local. In past generations of hardware it was about having a market leader. In this generation it is about finding one that fits your preferences. I can’t see how different platforms appealing to different needs is bad.


    I am close to my 100 hour achievement on Brawl. No problems here especially with the controller rotation being built into the game.

  9. If someone complains about their Wii then they shouldn’t own one. Give it to me, I won’t mind having a 2nd Wii lol.

  10. It’s easy to complain without substance. It takes no effort to say that casual games are killing the market, or claim there are no good games available or coming out for the Wii – but most of these declarations come with no argument. Although we’ve heard Andrew Adam’s arguments before, they are all spot on, well thought out, and show that the Wii has a lot of great overlooked titles and many more on the way. The difference, I think, is that he actually made the argument – with examples to back it up. Good take, Mr. Adam. The only thing I might add is that many gamers are hung up on appearances. I admit that until I played Boom Blox and World of Goo, I scoffed at them – I thought they looked boring and dull – if I hadn’t been willing to try them anyway I would have missed out on two fantastic games.

  11. I’m personally very happy with the Wii. It has more truly new and innovative games than any console I’ve owned and I’ve owned most of them including the PS3 and 360. And not only that, it has provided all these truly new and innovative games at a fraction of the cost of the other two at launch. $250 is a steal for the Wii. This is one investment that has totally lived up to its revolutionary guarantee. The PS3 and 360 have a lot of good games too, but most of them are just the same old same old plus HD graphics.

  12. I don’t like the amount of money bad games make on the Wii. You know about the case of carnival games.
    I was reading yesterday about this case when high rated games make poor sales and bad games makes huge sales, except for the case of nintendo in this site http://tinyurl.com/9548we
    I believe that at least we hardcore gamers should buy and promote the good quality Wii games, and inform other Wii owners about bad games.
    I’m not happy with Nintendo pricing Pikmin Wii the same as Zelda Twilight princess since capcom did the same process for Resident Evil 4 Wii and it was a budget title. That made me unhappy about Nintendo.
    I’m not comfortable with the whole “we are making a lot of money so we won’t get prices down” attitude. But in general the Wii has some of the most innovative games, and for hardcore gamers there is always great quality games that didn’t sold very well so we can have them on discount a few months later.
    I’m starting to play Zack and Wiki wich I bought for 15 bucks, after playing Killer Seven (for GC) that was 15$, and I bought it because I played NMH which was a 50$ quality game. And played World of Goo 15$, Dewy’s Adventure 15$, Super Mario Galazy 50$ quality game, The Bloob 50$ good game, etc.
    I plan to buy The Conduit on day one because of the great core experience they seem to be developing. And if it don’t sell very well because of the huge casual gamers that only play Wii Fit, Wii sports and every movie franchise out there, you can buy it next year for 30$ and a copy for a friend. 😉
    I really hope that the Conduit sells more than any Mario, Sonic or party games out there for a month or to, so developers start to notice the huge potential of excellent quality games with good graphics and story.
    So who is with me? Who want’s to promote The Conduit with Wii owner friends?

  13. Even if the Wii isn’t living up to the expectations…

    It’s better than the GameCube… and the N64. I bought a handful of games for those, but nothing compared to what I have bought for my Wii. And as far as popularity goes, go Nintendo for making something that is beating other brands even if it is the casual gamers picking it up.

    And so what if casual gamers have taken over for now? I was a casual gamer in the beginning that became a serious gamer. You have to start somewhere and games like Wii Fit or Wii Sports are just fun. And a lot of the casual games are great for times when you want to play a game but don’t have a lot of time to commit to the longer story lines.

    And buying the old games is half the reason I LOVE my Wii. I loved the fact I got to play Super Metroid again or some of the old Donkey Kongs I loved when I was a kid. They’re still fun now.

    And everyone has their own opinions, I think the games that come out for the 360 are crap and would never purchase a 360. I’d much rather stick with my Wii and hold out and play through some of those games I haven’t touched in awhile… like Smooth Moves or SSBB or Mario Kart.

    And who knows, maybe they have some big plans for stuff to come out that they just haven’t announced yet… who knows. I still say give the Wii the benefit of the doubt and I love my Wii.

  14. I am just curious, I hear a lot of people who complain that they are getting or got bored with games like brawl and Mario Cart. But what games don’t get boring after awhile. I play PC games as well as my wii. I got bored with so called great games like fallout 3 and Bioshock but I am not complaining that I didn’t get my money worth or that they where no good. As far as i am concerned the Wii has just as many promising games as the others. I am just not seeing the tons of games that are coming out for the other systems that has people going ga-ga?

  15. man i sold my 360 because i was only playing my Wii.

    i got a ps3 now for blue ray movies,but Wii is my gaming console.

    in my opinion the Wii is the best system this gen.

  16. @usmingan

    we need to exchange Wii codes!

    Wii-Code: 7608-5478-9960-0404

  17. How DARE Nintendo not put out AAA games every 3 months, the NERVE of them to take time to make quality software when I am bored and have the attention span of a moth.

    Look back at Nintendo’s release history.. they themselves have been putting out high grade titles at a rate faster than almost any period in their history… and guess what? after dropping a game in pretty much every major franchise in such a relatively small time frame… they might you know, have to work on some new shit for more than a few months.

    This new generation of gamers has it too cushy… they’re becoming stupid, arrogant and demanding… with no attention spans or respect, and these so-called ‘hardcore’ gamers who just power-game, beating something as fast as possible then a week later demand, nay, expect something new.

    Back in my day many games were often less than an hour long and I could pop one in and play them over and over… I can do the same today… you people complaining just don’t realise how much variety you have and how good you have it.

  18. Quite honestly, I only began to lose interest with my Wii once I bought an Xbox 360. I’m happy that Nintendo is #1 again and bringing more people into gaming, but I’m disappointed by so many things with the Wii.

    I know that many Nintendo purists don’t care, but the Wii’s online capabilities are such a far cry from that of Microsoft & Sony. I’m not even talking about being able to play SSBB or Mario Kart Wii with random opponents online, I just mean the actual online feeling you get on the console. I just want to play on the Wii and feel like I’m on a network with my friends, wherever they are. I want to quickly type in their username and be able to see what their recent activity is, or even what they’re playing right this minute.

    Call me shallow, but I love the achievement system on Xbox Live. It’s really just a stupid number, it shouldn’t mean anything, but it’s the best incentive I’ve ever seen to really play through an entire game in my gaming career. If I could show all my mythical Wii friends that I actually bothered to go earn something in Mario Kart Wii or Super Mario Galaxy, I’d feel a bit better about taking the time and effort to do it. As it stands now, what incentive do I have to get all the stars in Super Mario Galaxy after I beat the game?

    The Virtual Console stuff is a good idea and relatively inexpensive. I guess it’s just not for me. I never played Super Mario RPG growing up, so I downloaded that. Not much of a surprise given its era, but it looked absolutely terrible on my 50″ HD monitor. I couldn’t even convince myself to keep playing it, it was just that awful. Hopefully the WiiWare stuff will take off and offer some great unique titles, such as Echochrome and PixelJunk Monsters on the PSN.

    I know they’re well-received games, but even some of the third-party gems haven’t lived up to the hype for me. I hate that Zack & Wiki has no implementation of a checkpoint system, I cannot stand the open-world chore system in No More Heroes. I loved the last Paper Mario, but thought Super Paper Mario was a huge joke. The novelty of inviting friends over for zany Wii Sports fun got old sometime in mid-2007.

    I haven’t given up hope though. de Blob is fun so far, and I’m looking forward to starting Okami. I hope The Conduit and MadWorld live up to their hype, and on WiiWare, I’d like to give World of Goo a try.

    I love Infendo, but the sheer number of editorials asking nicely for everybody to love their Wii a bit more is a bit funny.

  19. Not everyone who “complains” about the Wii is doing so blindly. Arguments have been made, and complaints have been backed up.

    If you love the Wii and everything about it, that’s great. But I think it’s kind of silly to ask everyone to love the Wii. To me this guy is just on the other extreme of the scale, opposite those that complain about the Wii.

    I actually don’t find all his arguments that well thought out….for instance his argument against claims that Brawl has become boring is basically “Seriously?” His argument against “no good games” is partly pointing out WiiWare and Virtual Console games. Well I don’t agree about WiiWare games because IMHO WiiWare has basically the same problem the Wii library does….a few great games amid a sea of crap. I’ve said it from day 1, the VC should always be a supplement, not the main draw of the Wii. You’re basically telling me you spent $250+ to play old games you already probably bought at least once before.

    He says the causal market is allowing Nintendo to make money to put towards quality games. That’s a great theory but he has nothing to back up that assertion. For all we know, Nintendo is using it to make MORE casual games, and based on last year’s E3 that seems to be more of the case than what he said. Trends also show the same thing in 3rd parties…why take a chance on a more traditional game when they have a good idea Carnival Games 2 will sell great.

    And of course if he’s going to go with the “me and my friends always play Wii” as “proof” of how good it is, then I get to use the fact that the of the 12 friends I have that bought Wiis, only 6 still own them, 3 of the other 6 haven’t touched it in months, and the remaining 3 still only play it for Wii Sports.

  20. yup, wii games almost universally bore me. even the lineup of madworld and conduit look to me like trash. that’s not just flamebait. it’s just true. at best, i look at them and go “oooo! competent!”

    if you’ve got a wii and are bored, sell it. if you love it, congrats. if you feel like nintendo doesn’t care about you anymore, welcome to my world.

    casual games have, for me, destroyed the wii. nintendo is after the casual dollar. that’s true through and through. whether it’s in the randomization of kartwii or the lack of evolution in zelda. and whatever “hardcore” games there are just don’t look interesting to me. (that’s right- expressed my derision at them through quotes. take that developers!)

    and now i’m worried that nintendo and sony will follow nintendo after the casual dollar next generation.

    so it’s actually possible to be dissappointed by the wii. and honestly, i know a lot of people who are bored by their wiis, their wiifits, and their other plastic stuff, the clutter of which they recently discussed just putting away for good. maybe under the couch by the thighmaster. i wish i was making that up. cause if i were maybe the rest of my annoyance would be SATIRE.

    i want to think the casuals were duped. they’re eating mcdonalds because theyve never had the chance for me to fire up the grill and show them what a real burger tastes like, much less a great steak. but i know this is wrong. they actually LIKE these games, in whatever capacity that can be said. which often looks to me like the guy who likes playing solitaire or mindsweeper for entire plane flights. FOR GOD SAKES MAN, AT LEAST GET A DVD OR DOWNLOAD PA ADVENTURES OR THE DEMO TO DEFCON!! SOMETHING TO SHOW YOUR DEPTH OF INTEREST EXTENDS BEYOND FORGETTING THE MEETING YOU JUST GOT OUT OF!! OTHERWISE WINECOOLERS WILL BE A MUCH MORE EFFICIENT WAY TO GO!!!

    oh yeah, and zelda TP was definitely not developed for me. 3 temples of puzzles i’d seen in 1998 was enough to get me to quit.

    sigh. rant over.

  21. When did “intelligent passion for all things Nintendo” become “sycophantic fanboyism?” A year ago I was very pleased to have my Wii. Twilight Princess, No More Heroes, Metroid Prime 3, the $30 RE4 port, with SSBB, Mario Galaxy, and Kart around the corner, as well as the promise of third party support with Wiimote control as an integral part of gameplay? Sweet. And this site was cool because it would update me on Nintendo news, new games, speculation, and smart discussion. I was psyched because the Wii was doing something truly new, and it was great to see Ninty dominate in sales and open up new markets for games as the “hardcore” set made juvenile jokes about the name of the console and rally around the accusation that “the Wii is two Gamecubes taped together” (as if that accusation wouldn’t be better leveled at the PS3 or the XBox). Make no mistake, the Wii started off with tremendous potential.

    Since then, what have we gotten? Well, we’ve gotten a couple of good games from Nintendo featuring their key players, which have been predictably good (Brawl, Galaxy, Kart), so long as you ignore the lame stuff they were stapled to (Sluggers, Tennis, Party etc etc etc). But that’s okay. If you have a marketable property, it’s completely within reason for a company to cash in on it so long as it keeps putting out the quality A-list titles, which Nintendo is always good for. But 3rd party support? Hm. Well World of Goo was really impressive, but I downloaded that to my Macbook. Oh hey, there was Guitar Hero-related stuff, right? Well yeah, but everyone I know who bought those did so for XBox or PS3. Okay, but Ghost Squad was pretty cool right, the Wii’s been crying out for a good light gun game! Well yeah, and it was fun as hell, until you realized that it could be beaten in under 20 minutes, and sorta loses its fun after the 30th playthrough. Other than that? I can’t think of any worthwhile 3rd party ’08 games for Wii, let alone any of which that are Wii exclusives. Nearly every game not developed in-house feels like the Wii controls were an afterthought.

    Is the game drought an overstatement on my part? Yeah, maybe. I’m sure that there are people who found plenty of neat stuff to play in ’08, especially considering this site named it the best year for gaming since the retro era. And yeah, as soon as that tired old “Wii has no games” argument gets brought up, someone is bound to drop the same list of 10 or so A+ titles, 8 or so of which were made by Nintendo itself, and all of which tend to be targeted at the same audience, and this is my point: You can’t say the same of the PC or the XBox; not only are their lists of worthwhile games from this generation about five times as long, those games are made by different developers, and are made for different niches. Furthermore, the prospects look a lot brighter there too; if I ask myself what games I’m looking forward to on the Wii, I have to conclude that Deadly Creatures looks innovative, NMH2 will probably be a cool followup, and we’ve been promised another Zelda game before the end of the Wii. Oh, and I might play the new Punch Out! for the nostalgia, but even that looks kind of lame. And that’s about it.

    And Sean, I really don’t know what to tell you. You actually seem willfully blind to reasonable objections. With regards to complains about the Wii, you say that “most of these declarations come with no argument.” Did you not have to read through three arguments to even post this comment?? And it’s not as if people are scared away by the Wii’s “kiddy” image, like you say. World of Goo was a big hit with hardcore gamers, as is any top tier Mario, Zelda, or Metroid title. I think you should perhaps actually take a look at some of the valid arguments against the Wii, instead of dismissing them out of hand, and faithfully nodding your head to the weak rationalizations Mr. Adam makes in his article.

    I don’t believe casual gamers pose any threat to gaming, and I consider myself to be one, but when devs find out there is a market for shovelware, and start cranking it out by the truckload, then YES, this is harmful, counterproductive, and sets the “video games as a valid artistic medium” argument back about 15 years.

    By the way, usmingan, I can MAYBE understand how someone would believe the Wii was better than the Gamecube, but the Nintendo 64? Seriously? Before you accuse me of nostalgia, you should know that both my Wii and N64 sit beside my television, but the N64 is the system that is PLUGGED IN and gets more play.

    Look, I have a social life. I have university and work and family and I read and like music and movies, and I’m a casual gamer. I like games because they’re fun to play.

    And the Wii is no longer delivering on that front.

  22. Lemme just cover what the other systems offer:

    360: Shooter games, Viva Pinata, Sonic the Hedgehog, HD DVDs that lost to Sony and are no longer released

    PS3: Online games, LittleBig Planet, a handheld cousin, overpriced Blu-Ray games, GranTurismo, cheap Sixaxis ripoff of Wii Remote

    I dunno. Let me put the Wii up here to be safe.

    Wii: A lot of handheld cousins. Franchises as opposed to franchise (singular). Good online and single player games. Innovative controls and quality gameplay.

    Lower graphic quality than competitors, no DVD functionality, Friend Code System

    I know what described isn’t really true, but it’s what we see most of the time. I left out the bits shared by all of them. To sum it up:

    Nintendo offers versatility and gameplay. Everyone else has less than one handheld, repetitiveness, and graphics. Choose for yourself what’s better.

  23. Wow I (Andrew Adam) apparently brought out both sides of this war in full force. Read as much as I could from everybody, nice to see I stirred plenty of well thought out discussion.

    Seems about 50/50 on the Wii is boring/underperforming and the other half which love it. About what I expected. Just didn’t expect so much anger… OK maybe I did.

    The only comment I will reply to is the one that said I didn’t back up my Brawl comment that well when I only said “seriously.” I was trying to stay as brief as possible, but I don’t understand how people can be bored of Brawl when it’s a clear upgrade from Melee, which I did say.

    And again, out of all the people I know, I only have one that doesn’t play his Wii much anymore, but he plays his girlfriend’s still, so he is not ignoring it. But I’m sure if we asked for ages, that might show who is on which side. Then again, could be wrong.

    Keep the comments coming, I’m glad at least I created discussion.

    P.S. Lots of solid core titles are coming out for Wii this month – Tenchu, Rygar, Dead Rising, Onechanbara, and Deadly Creatures. Go see if those help kill the boredom.

  24. @jurysch
    I use to be a fan of achievements because they let your friends see your game progress. However, I’ve found they’re a substitute for additional extra game content. Spend all that time doing something extra and you get +50G toward your gamerscore and that’s it. I find I’m not getting new characters or levels as a reward for my dedication toward a game. Nintendo games, on the other hand, offer additional content as the reward.

    When you collect all the stars in Super Mario Galaxy you unlock Luigi as a playable character. When you beat certain things in Mario Kart you unlock new characters and vehicles. Seeing a star or a golden wheel next to my friend’s name is more obvious they’ve worked hard at the game compared to games with achievements.

    I rarely check my friend’s achievement score status for particular games. I only do it if we’re in a competition of who can complete the game first. Other than that I don’t care if my friends have 40,000 points or 400 points. Do you find yourself checking your friends scores constantly? If you aren’t doing it, they probably aren’t either.

    I’m also not a fan of the fact that achievements are being linked to new downloadable content. Spend $15 and you can get 125 more points! When did a number become game content?

  25. Achievements have damaged gaming… self satisfaction has been replaced by meaningless numbers and bragging rights, i’ve known people who hire or buy games just for easy gamer score points, it’s disgusting.

  26. @Craig and Reynard – I would agree with that. I also have a friend who is an achievement whore. Craig said it right. You go back to beat something a certain way, for a better gamer score. I remember with Goldeneye I would go back to beat things for new cheat codes to unlock, or in Brawl’s case possibly for new music, or stages, or OK a trophy but it could be a variety of things!

    @DaveRage Reread first commment posted, and yes, people do have a right to complain about something they paid a lot of money for. BUT it depends on if you are trying new games or if simply own say 5 first party games and are waiting for the next installment of Mario or Zelda only and don’t care one bit what third party comes out with. Not saying that you do this, but Nintendo consoles have more of those types than anyone else, and when I wrote this it was partially stemmed from people like that.

  27. christ, talk about mindless fanboyism from Andrew Adam. embarrassing. nintendo’s put out 6 or 7 solid, slightly dumbed-down entries in their most popular franchises. that is a given, not a serious argument about nintendo’s devotion to sophisticated and compelling games. half of the best 3rd party games are last-gen remakes. that is not really acceptable anymore.

    the 360 got bioshock in the first two years of its lifecycle. it also has a varied library with all kinds of games, a great online feature set, and a slew of new and remade downloadable games with great graphics. the ps3 has metalgear solid 4, littlebigplanet, a bunch of really stylish and cool downloadable games (everyday shooter and pixeljunk eden, for example), and regular updates that add functionality. and both big-boy systems have GTA4.

    don’t get me wrong, i love brawl and it’s one of the main reasons i bought a wii. but that isn’t an argument for nintendo’s “core” support by itself. how’s this for an argument- there’s a reason that the fanbase who supported nintendo through thick and thin are upset! i’m not saying nintendo owes us anything, theyre a business. but the library available for wii is mostly terrible and nintendo deserves a lot of the blame. honestly, the argument is kind of over at this point, Andrew. (and your side lost.) hey, i love cubello, but id really love a challenging mario game, or for RE4 to not be one of the prettiest wii games. or for working internet. or for a less ridiculously tiny amount of storage. i think its these kinds of things that drive wii gamers to piracy (which amends some of these problems), and that’s just really terrible for nintendo AND real gamers.

    and while im on the subject, why do i need a gamecube memory card to save GC games? and the motionplus should have been included inside the wiimote from day one– we were promised that the wii “knew where the wiimote was in actual space”! and punch-out looks stupid and ugly.

    that said, i am hyped for treasure’s sin&punishment and the conduit.

  28. Wii is the best system this gen.

  29. It’s weird most of you are complaining because you seem to have no incentive to play or try out most of the good games. Man is the gamer so picky these days. It’s almost like if the classic where to come out today no one would buy them.

    I want to make a contrast also. The casual market is not killing the hardcore market. Review scores and unwarranted hype is killing the hardcore scene. I’ve never played LAir but I am so sure it sucks, yet the graphics music and every thing was great. Most good Wii games get no hype at all. Xplay to your smallest blog has a bunch of HD games on it. I will play lair one day just to be sure but you guys have it all wrong.

    The PS3 is dieing because of hardcore gamers who are currently just fine with their xbox 360 and live.

    The xbox 360 is dieing because it is collecting the same gamers it had on the one xbox.

    These guys are capitalizing on the fact that the hardcore gamer has changed. They have almost became jaded with games. They claim the game play is bad because they can’t walk through the game so they yell “broken”. Broken is when you have a completely unplayable control system. Yes controls must be responsive but hold up most stuff on the HD consoles are hard from that. I wish I could show you some of my own videos from PC FPS games, I’m far from the best but know of the stuff I do on the PC can be done on a console.

    I think most of these gamers are actually collectors. MS and SONY where smart to see this. If you are a collector then you are not really going to be come good at a game that you like. The only games that come close to this are GH and rock band. This is coming from a person that is having fun playing…. I betting most of you are no longer having fun and if you need check points you may not be that good at FPSs. So the biggest problem is the art no longer forces you to keep going to see the next stage. You use to love gaming but you are no longer in love with it’s art. If you are then you are still trying to beat some of the VCs games LOL. Try your hand at super ghouls and ghost and tell me you are bored, or walk through super contra.

    You guys forget their was a debate about online gaming being a solution to actually making a game that was good on it’s on when the servers are shut down. Online play is not always fun but when I play one of my favorite games I’m never bored, by the art or game play.

    The Wii is a pure gamers console and the hardcore game will fail because of hardcore players not the casuals. If you noticed the hardcore are directly responsible for SONY and MS laying people off. The HD market shows us why you need games for every one instead of catering to the hype image.

    So far the Wii has been prefect in a market as F’up as the one we have today. The 3rd parties pretty much said no thank you and lots of people lost their 70k (avg) jobs because of it. With out the Wii gaming could have possibly been quit by SONY. I’m thinking pride is what is keeping them in the game. SONY has always been ranked higher than nintendo in japan in various things.

    Seriously go to an arcade if you still have one around, if not try some VC games. Back in the day we use to love trying a new game we have never played. You won’t be wasting time because you are bored.

    Another thing is I’m sure most people complaining have not beat metroid prime 3. It’s a great ride and you will be ready for conduit if you can beat it. It’s the cloest I’ve gotten to playing a PC game on a console.

    Let the games build up and the naysayers will come on over. The same happened with the PS2.

  30. All of these Wii haters are so annoying! They remind me of the people who complain about reality TV show getting old and turn to the new mediums on the internet for live entertainment. Its absolutely ludicrous! I mean, with a great lineup of shows like American Idol, Jon and Kate + 8, and The Biggest Loser there is absolutely nothing to complain about! Seriously!? Give me a break already!

  31. @ run line

    sry man but i think you’re pretty wrong. MS is ditching jobs because of vista underperformance and the worldwide recession. not because almost all analysts agree on this. its entertainment and devices division reported a net profit for fiscal 08.

    so i don’t think anyone thinks the 360 is dying.

    i’d write more, but ive gotta get back to work. drat.

  32. @Pablo, I’m not out to support Nintendo first, I’m telling you to go expand your palette and try some third party games! How is that fanboyism? Fanboyism is buying Nintendo made products only. I own a PS2 and play PC games. I enjoy going over to play my buddy’s 360, just dont’ have the cash or time for two systems. I’m just stating people are complaining too much about a system that is far superior than its past two predecessors, is doing well, and has more quality games than people give it credit for.

    I’m encouraging you to go try new games, not just scoff at them and call them crap without even trying them – which it sounds like some of you are doing.

  33. I love the Wii to be honest. It’s had some great titles on it. Not as many as I’d like to see though. While it’s true it’s not as powerful as it’s competitors when it comes to graphics, big deal. Graphics aren’t what games are supposed to be about. They are supposed to be about fun, innovative games, and if they have good graphics so be it. Look at Mario Galaxy for instance. Game looks nothing like Uncharted, but is it fun. Yes, it’s DAMN fun. If you own a Wii and haven’t played Galaxy, you are missing out big time. Drop what you are doing RIGHT NOW, no, seriously, stop what you’re doing. Stop reading this comment, go to the store, or to a new tab and BUY IT NOW!!!!

    I only stopped playing the Wii because of the number of other games that I do have to finish. I will play a game to completion, and move on to something I have yet to finish. If I complete all my games I may go back and play something else again. That or I get the itch to play something I’ve already finished. But now that the Wii has sold so well and 1st party titles doing quite well, I’m sure Nintendo is focused on bringing out more core titles, that are awesome. As Miyamoto had said, Wii Music and the Motion+ accessories were the last of his Wii experiments and that he’s going to focus on core titles. Not only that he did say last summer that Nintendo did indeed have the both mario and zelda teams hard at work on DS iterations that also trade off to provide input on the Wii games. We should be seeing some kind of mention at E3 since Satoru Iwata had said last week that we should expect some big titles at E3 this year (Let’s hope so!).

  34. No one agrees with me?!? IT’S TRUE!!